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Big Books Issues

  • 2009: Fiction's overlooked gems
  • 2008: Young adult and kid's lit
  • 2007: Tipping sacred cows
  • 2006: In praise of indecency
  • 2005: Books and society
  • 2004: The city that writes
  • 2003: Chick lit
  • 2002: Pulp revisited
  • 2001: Memoirs and memory
  • 2000: In praise of the short story
  • 1999: Our favorite things
  • 1998: Hypertext, sci-fi & more

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Whose Responible?

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Big Books Issue 2011

Open Books

Big Books Issue: Eight bookish Baltimoreans talk about what they read By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Meursault and Me

Meursault and Me

Big Books Issue: Taking The Stranger to a strange land By Laura Dattaro 9/28/2011
Freeman Hrabowski III

Freeman Hrabowski III

Big Books Issue: President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Diane Scharper

Diane Scharper

Big Books Issue: Towson University literature professor, book critic By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the Poet

Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the Poet

Big Books Issue: Poet, spoken-word artist By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Justin Sirois

Justin Sirois

Big Books Issue: Writer, Narrow House Press founder and editor 9/28/2011
Rafael Alvarez

Rafael Alvarez

Big Books Issue: Writer By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
W. Paul Coates

W. Paul Coates

Big Books Issue: Black Classic Press founder and director By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton

Big Books Issue: Program director, Creative Alliance at the Patterson By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Carla Hayden

Carla Hayden

Big Books Issue: Executive director, Enoch Pratt Free Library By Andrea Appleton 9/28/2011
Big Books Issue 2010
  • Doing it Yourselves Big Books Issue 2010 | 9/15/2010
  • City Sage Gregg Wilhelm finally steers his ambitious CityLit project into publishing | 9/15/2010
  • Button Pushing Will print-on-demand technology save publishing or deliver its final death blow? | 9/15/2010
  • The Other Woman Jamilah Barnes Creekmur writes about growing up in Baltimore with her single mom--who loved a married man | 9/15/2010