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Pizza-Gate Still Roils

I think ken olthoff should try to find a better target for his self righteous indignation.

The letter written by Mr. Ken Olthoff is unclear in many ways (“No Pizza For You, Mr. Wrong,” Mail, June 27). First, he writes in outrage over the Mr. Wrong column (“Bitter Pizza to Swallow,” Mr. Wrong, June 20), as if he is the owner and/or has a business interest in the subject, Iggie’s Pizza—he does not say. Strike 1 in the ‘Letter Writer’s Handbook’! Then he makes ad hominem attacks on Mr. Wrong, his alter ego Joe MacLeod, and the editor(s) of CP, all in non-humorous ways, while trying to be witty. What part of ‘Mr. Wrong’ being a persona does he not get? Strike 2! Finally, making a writer’s gravest mistake, he does not get to the point, ever! The Mr. Wrong column was about the sacrilege of exporting pizza (and jobs) from Baltimore City, America to the province known as Towson. Mr. Olthoff can’t seem to get his ‘pizza’ around that concept, nor does he ever answer the question: Why move? Instead, he acts like one of the Robber Barons who sold investment bank Alex. Brown & Sons to the Germans and is now without a membership to the country club. While hinted at in the ‘Bitter’ column, what Mr. Olthoff exhibits in his poorly executed diatribe is a megalomaniac’s intolerance for dissension and criticism. Good riddance to him!

William C. Bond


This grouchy old fart from Linthicum writes, “It’s ‘editorial discretion’ like this that makes people question the relevance of both the press and the first amendment these days” (“No Pizza For You, Mr. Wrong,” Mail, June 27). A little perspective is called for here, I think: Mr. Wrong is not the news, OK dude? I think Ken Olthoff should try to find a better target for his self righteous indignation, as there are plenty of deserving ones out there. To him I say, fuck Irsay’s Pizza.

Tony Kelly


Running Red into the Black

I guess it’s not a surprise that some people don’t like being caught by speed cameras, but I was puzzled by the tone of Edward Ericson Jr.’s article which seemed to suggest that bringing in more revenue than expected is a bad thing (“Speed Bump,” Mobtown Beat, June 27.)

I’ve never heard people complain that the Baltimore City Government had too much money for its priorities, or that property taxes in Baltimore City were too low. A program that improves public safety and brings in more revenue sounds like a win-win situation. Also, the program’s revenue comes from people who drive in the city, meaning that people (such as myself) who live in the county but work at a tax-free entity in the city also end up contributing to the city (if we speed or run red lights).

The city simply can’t predict how many drivers will speed or run red lights, and it’s prudent to make a conservative estimate on the revenue that will come in. That doesn’t mean that any revenue exceeding the estimate is “dubious”.

Also in the article, a disgruntled resident complains that people don’t fight the tickets since they cost only $40 and don’t deduct any points from your license. (The horror!) If it’s true that the machines are miscalibrated, or yellow lights are being shortened, that’s a different issue and worthy of actual investigation. But in that case the City Paper should be able to produce actual evidence, not secondhand, unverified claims.

Allan Massie



After reading the piece about Billy Bloodshot and his awaking to politics by reading about the alleged organization called “The Illuminati” I thought I would send this information on to him in an open letter! (“Drive,” City Folk, June 27).

Dear Mr. Bloodshot: The Illuminati does not exist. It is a myth! Yes my brother not only is it a myth-but it is a poisonous one. It is an anti-Semitic one! It belongs in the trash bin of myths along with other myths like the non-existence of global warming, 911 was an inside job, all the fables Lyndon Larouche spreads about the Bank of England and their Queen controlling the U.S. Economy, and the Roswell New Mexico, claptrap! There is so much baloney in these myths that even wonder bread won’t put up with it,

But I digress. Look at the alleged reporting about the alleged Illuminati. The Internet is full of sites claiming to know about some cabal, the Illuminati, the Bilderburg Group, the Club of Rome, the Rothchilds, etc. They all have one thread. There is a cabal of bankers, Jewish bankers, who through their evil ways control the whole world! No they do not. The force that rules the world is Capitalism/Imperialism. The class that runs things is the Bourgeoisie. They are a non-monolithic grouping of capitalists who own the means of production, the and economic base and superstructure of society. They rule through the governments that serve them and the naked armed force of their military and police. It’s just that simple. If you doubt me go on line and Google “the Illuminati is a Myth” or Revolution #272 and 273. If you still think I am off base, you can download the talk by the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party Revolution —Why it’s necessary, why it’s possible, what it’s all about. Then compare it to your illuminati videos.

Oh and in the words of Colombo: One more thing. There is a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It claims to expose the duplicitous double-dealings of some Jewish Bankers. It’s a lie too. It was written by the Czars secret police to slander the Jews and to generate anti-Semitism in Russia. To quote Stalin and he should know “Paper will put up with anything!”

Hope I set you straight.

Alan Barysh


Follow Your Nose

Mr. Hitt errs in doubting “Kennewick Man’s” Caucasian identity (“Jack Hitt: Bunch of Amateurs,” Books, June 20). The Kennewick skeleton was first thought to be the remains of a murder victim when discovered in the 1990s. As such the remains were examined by a local coroner who called K.M. “a white guy.” Further examination revealed an Ice Age spear point in K.N.’s hip.

Now Asian and Amerindian people share several traits that distinguish them from “white” people and to ignore the fact that most of the very old remains from North America lack these traits is simply false. The “from Asia only” school of thought brings in the Caucasoid “Ainu” of Japan to explain this discrepancy and computer models are used to do this.

None of the computerers has bothered to look at an Ainu as the Ainu are the only Caucasians who never have a big nose and Ainu are noted for having lots of body hair.

A sharp/prominent nose is so utterly un-Asian that the Chinese think it’s a sign of bad character. A prominent nose and scanty body hair are, however, very frequent in Amerindians. Racism is apparent in the Libs reluctance to admit mixture of races. A prominent nose cannot be derived from a non-Caucasian gene pool. This fact exonerates Amerindians from the genocide charge; Kennewick people mated with Asian-Amerinds in large numbers.

An archaic Caucasian “Cro-Magnon” man must have been involved in this mixture. The Brittanica’s photo of C-M man is so similar to that of Dennis Banks as to be astounding. When we ditch the racism we make room for Truth. Ethiopia is an entire mullato nation; likewise, the numerous big-nosed Amerindians should embrace Kennewick Man as a progenitor. It’s as plain as the nose on their faces.

Thomas L. Fox


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