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Social Studies

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Social Studies: The unfortunate reality for those of us who love comic books is that, in 2011, most comic books are not very good. By Vincent Williams 3/2/2011

Who Shot Ya?

Social Studies: In recent weeks, the hip-hop world has been abuzz over the possibility that one of the culture’s greatest mysteries may soon be solved. By Vincent Williams 1/26/2011

Long's Way Home

Social Studies: I wanted to wait for some of the smoke to clear before I said anything about Bishop Eddie Long. For those of you who don't know, Long is the head of Washington, D.C.'s highly influential African-American New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, and he has been By Vincent Williams 11/17/2010

Superman! Vs. Muhammad Ali!

Social Studies: The year: 1978! The place: I don’t know, probably that 7-Eleven on Route 40 or maybe the bookstore in Security Mall! The players: little boy me and my dad! By Vincent Williams 10/20/2010

TV Color

Social Studies: In some ways I feel sorry for Regina King. When she wrote her pre-Emmy column in The Huffington Post lamenting the lack of representation by minorities among the nominees, I saw her point. By Vicent Williams 9/15/2010

Family Far and Wide

Social Studies: The other night I watched a post-Katrina documentary focusing on Louisiana’s St. By Vincent Williams 8/18/2010

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