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Mr. Wrong

Readers Write

This might be a first for the “Mr. Wrong” column, you know, that a question got answered?

Hey, Happy New Year (still), OK? I mean, overall it’s still kinda early days to be saying this Year Of Our Lord is a really good or a really crappy year (yet), but we have The Holidays (whatever those are) behind us, except for Super Bowl and Groundhog Day coming up, which are pretty low-impact The Holidays, which is why they are my faves, of course, because anybody who wants to can dive right in and enjoy, and nobody cares if you don’t, but you should, especially this year, because they are both on the same day, arrroooo! But still, it is still Happy New Year To You until it isn’t, OK?

Way back in the year Two Thousand and Thirteen, American, I asked the Gentle Readers of the Mr. Wrong column to send in their Top Ten list for 2013, and I would pick one and run it someplace, like, oh, I dunno, maybe in my column to chew up some column-inches, har!

So here is the winning Top Ten from reader and writer Mr. Allen M. of Baltimore, who instructs us “Items 6 and 2 refer to things that were voted on in 2012 but came to pass in 2013. All Top Tens are bolded, of course.”

10. All the science I get to do at my job
9. All the science that other people do
8. The Enlightenment
7. Enlightenment
6. That thing that Washington State and Colorado each did
5. That time I saw Dinosaur Jr. at the Ottobar last week
4. That time I listened to music that I personally find to be incredible, which is every day
3. That time that I loved creating music by myself or with friends and family, which is all the time
2. Gay marriage in Maryland
1. My (straight) marriage in Maryland, and the kids that resulted therefrom

That’s a pretty good Top Ten, eh? It was kinda personal, but also had stuff that applied to people all over the place, so I’ll find a prize someplace here in the office and ship it out to Mr. M., but first I wanna run one more response to the Top Ten thing:

No top ten
But I think your column is usually hilarious. I used to find it annoying so I don’t know what changed—you or me.
Best for holidays and 2014.

See, now that’s already on my Top Ten list for this year, the 2014, to know there is a Gentle Reader out there who has experienced Transformative Change through the “Mr. Wrong” column, or I guess maybe could also be assuming Transformative Change of said column, hm?

OK, I’m on a roll here with the Positivity, lemme share another email at you, all the way from Washington (Our Nation’s Capital), in the District of Columbia:

Love your columns

I look forward to my e-mail edition of the City Paper every week. Your column is my first read. You know how to tell it like it is. Don’t ever change.

That was from Debra S., and you’re goddamned right I tell it like it is, Debra! What else am I gonna do? I might change, though, I don’t think I can control that, but thank you for that lovely note. OK, wait, one more, and this is kinda interactive. Last week’s installment of the “Mr. Wrong” column was all about how this guy at The New York Times drew attention to himself by pointing out to errbody he was no longer putting his Middle Initial on his columns, so I snatched it up and used it in my column:

Good morning Joe M.D. Macleod

Liked the subject matter in this weeks column, which reminded me :) that I have always been curious = What does the “H” stand for in

I’ll look forward to enlightenment and your reply.

You know Susan, I don’t have an answer for you, but Bobby R., of the Internet, has some answers for you!

Dear Mr. MacLeod - I found your January 8 column most interesting and came to the conclusion that the only reason Kristof went on at length about eliminating his middle initial from his by-line was to draw attention to the fact that he had gone to Hah-vud. I mean, who gives a shit? I went to Harvard but never mention it because in reality it is of no consequence.

As to the Jesus H. Christ thing that is the full and proper name. Some years ago, my oldest granddaughter who is now coming up 35 years old, raised the question with me as to what the “H.” stood for? I explained to her that the letter stood for “Harold” and that it was seen quite clearly in a common Christian prayer, to wit: “Our father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name....”

This seemed to satisfy her and whether she still believes this or not, deponent sayeth naught.

Yeah! Thanks Bobby R. for answering Susan’s question, this might be a first for the “Mr. Wrong” column, you know, that a question got answered? What a great start to the year, man, I have a good feeling about everything, so let’s see how long that lasts, eh? Thanks to all the Gentle Readers who flipped it and became awesome writers and helped me fill the column this week!

Consider listening to Jim and Joe’s Top-Rated Podcast (NSFW), also featuring City Paper’s “Spitballin’” columnist Jim Meyer, at Email

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