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Of Otakon and Christmas Cakes

Pop Smear: The Otaku in town for Otakon will know the scene I’m describing: Major Motoko Kusanagi crouches atop a Tokyo skyscraper in the year 2029. By Violet LeVoit 7/31/2012

The Girl With The Most Cake

Pop Smear: An entirely hypothetical conversation between Madonna’s daughter and Courtney Love’s daughter: Madonna’s daughter: God, I can’t believe my mother. Courtney Love’s daughter: God, I can’t believe my mother. Do you know what she did? She tweeted abou By Violet LeVoit 5/23/2012

G_T _T Y_ _RS_LF

Pop Smear: Twenty women plus one man plus one year equals 20 babies. By Violet LeVoit 4/25/2012
Miss ’Staken

Miss ’Staken

Pop Smear: Congratulations to Alysson Washington of Kenosha, Wi., crowned the new Miss America! By Violet LeVoit 2/22/2012

Fry Now, Pay Layer

Pop Smear: If I can’t use my natural speaking voice, then I don’t want your revolution. By Violet LeVoit 12/28/2011

I Spit On Your Grave Misunderstanding

Pop Smear: I didn’t think headless torsos counted as “tech,” but Wired surprised me. In the October issue there’s a feature about “Scream-tastic Props and Demonic Decorations” that includes the foam corpse of a decapitated schoolgirl, ready to hang in your front yar By Violet LeVoit 10/19/2011

Coffee, Tea, or Meme?

Pop Smear: I’m so glad August is over and I’m done re-enacting the Summer Vacation Pageant. By Violet LeVoit 9/28/2011

River, Phoenix

Pop Smear: Imagine the typical woman in American menstrual advertising, Homo consumerus, circa 1970. No flesh and blood creature here: She’s got blue juice in her veins, like Spock bleeding green. By Violet LeVoit 8/17/2011

The Cake Is a Lie

Pop Smear: let’s play the video game Portal right here, in my column. By Violet LeVoit 7/6/2011

Animal Style

Pop Smear: Don Gorske is feeding Kim Kardashian’s ass. I’m sure of it. As of May 17, 2011, Gorske’s eaten 25,000 Big Macs. He usually eats two a day (no fries, no soda), the only foodstuffs he consumes. But he’s a slim 185 pounds and has enviable blood triglycerid By Violet LeVoit 6/8/2011

Black Is the New Pink

Pop Smear: Go ahead, laugh at koro, but when a mysterious stranger bewitches your penis and makes it shrink into your body like a spooked turtle, don’t come crying to me. By Violet LeVoit 4/6/2011

For My Boh

Pop Smear: I write this valentine in Old Bay and blood, Baltimore, because I love you. By Violet LeVoit 2/16/2011

You Are My Candy Girl

Pop Smear: "Betty" vs. "Veronica" is a subjective measure of womanhood, as inabsolute as yin and yang. By Violet LeVoit 1/5/2011

Meat Joy

Pop Smear: Send me pics of your dicks. No, really. You’ll be in good company. By Violet LeVoit 12/15/2010