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Political Animal
Here Are Your Candidates

Here Are Your Candidates

Political Animal: I can see why political reporters are checking the shadows for a savior. They want some sexy, or it’s gonna be a long boring campaign season. By Brian Morton 1/29/2014
Losing Faith

Losing Faith

Political Animal: Theses guys are standing up for big out-of-town companies like Ticketmaster and Live Nation to soak you for absurd fees and “handling charges.” By Brian Morton 3/13/2013

Nothing Changes

Political Animal: If being heavily armed and willing to shoot back was the only thing keeping us from mass shootings, then there'd be an empty wall in Washington where it lists all the police officers killed in the line of duty. By Brian Morton 12/19/2012

Beware Ratfucking 3.0

Political Animal: The GOP, has created programs in an attempt to make it as difficult as possible for voters who are inclined to cast a ballot for the Democrats to do so. By Brian Morton 10/29/2012

Forget 2012, Let’s get to 2016

Political Animal: It would be hard to find a clearer example of two competing viewpoints of American government as it stands in the second decade of the new millennium than Ryan’s and O’Malley’s By Brian Morton 8/29/2012

Riding The Elephant

Political Animal: It used to be that you had to turn on your television and switch the channel to Fox 45 to be misled. By Brian Morton 5/30/2012

The Law-Abiding Citizen

Political Animal: Tossing in the language “reasonably believes” is such a low legal threshold that it allows any would-be savior-of-the-day to whip out his pistol and fire away if he thinks he can stop a tragedy from occurring. By Brian Morton 3/28/2012


Political Animal: IDs cost money—and we know how conservatives are about costs and government mandates, right? By Brian Morton 3/14/2012

Who Is This Man?

Political Animal: The Ron Paul of the GOP debates is the kindly Texas grandfatherly looking fellow who has it the easiest in every debate By Brian Morton 2/1/2012

Prime Suspect

Political Animal: What’s with the glaring silence from Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler regarding the federal settlement offer? By Brian Morton 1/18/2012

The Fear of Fear Itself

Political Animal: It’s not like poverty, drugs, or terror are going to suddenly jump up and shout, “OK—I give up!” By Brian Morton 12/21/2011

Otherwise Occupied

Political Animal: If you happen to be a large, leaderless group of people, message discipline is almost impossible. That is the second-biggest problem facing the Occupy Wall Street movement. By Brian Morton 11/23/2011

Son of Zombie Ideas

Political Animal: A Democrat is in the White House, and a Republican is running for the presidency by claiming that we can solve our problems with a flat tax. Do you see yet the circles in which we are traveling? By Brian Morton 11/2/2011

The President I’d Like to Have

Political Animal: Barack Obama nowadays quotes Ronald Reagan the way Ronald Reagan used to quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which makes one wonder, why does a Democrat have to sound like a Republican lately? By Brian Morton 9/14/2011

The Shape of Things to Come

Political Animal: See what we’re in for now? The wake-up call from Standard and Poor’s “It’s now a standard that you’re going to be poor” By Brian Morton 8/10/2011

All About the Rich People

Political Animal: The top earners are willing to blow up the house rather than have Obama touch their golden goose, the capital gains tax. By Brian Morton 7/20/2011

Dirty Pool

Political Animal: This past week saw the revelation of some particularly egregious stunts pulled by the GOP at the congressional level By Brian Morton 6/22/2011

Discount Coupons

Political Animal: When a member of the GOP tells you he or she will give you a voucher, you know that the program for which they want to give you that voucher is something they want to kill. By Brian Morton 6/1/2011

Don Schaefer’s Town

Political Animal: Even after he left for Annapolis, this was still Don Schaefer’s town. By Brian Morton 4/27/2011

The Two Obamas

Political Animal: Calling a politician two-faced is sort of like calling the sky blue—it’s such an obvious taunt that it’s almost uninsulting. By Brian Morton 4/20/2011

Holding Pattern

Political Animal: Let’s do the time warp again! Politically, America seems to be stuck in a holding pattern, where Democrats are just trying to hang on to the few minute gains they’ve made in the present, and Republicans are determined to toss us back. By Brian Morton 3/23/2011

Reagan's Gift

Political Animal: Here we are, 100 years after Ronald Reagan’s birth. By Brian Morton 2/9/2011

Toxic Speech

Political Animal: What would you say if I told you that someone is arguing proudly that deceptive speech is protected by the First Amendment? By Brian Morton 1/12/2011

Train Wreck, Part Two

Political Animal: A government shutdown is all but inevitable By Brian Morton 12/1/2010

Everything Old Is Old Again

Political Animal: Welcome to the first day of the 2012 presidential campaign! We only know one person who’s going to be on the ballot for sure at present, but uncertainty and scant facts never stopped anything in the current political environment By Brian Morton 11/3/2010


Political Animal: In just under a month, Marylanders will walk into their polling places and decide who will be governor of their state for the next four years. Probably the biggest question regarding this decision will be how many Marylanders decide to go vote. By Brian Morton 10/6/2010

No Simple Answers

Political Animal: I’ve lived in this city for 20 years, and for 15 of them Patricia Jessamy has been the state’s attorney for Baltimore City. During that time, I’ve seen crime go up and go down. By Brian Morton 9/1/2010

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