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Back to Abnormal

Homelesscide: It takes only a short amount of time for one’s ability to deal with all the social negativity that living homeless requires to atrophy. By Dave Cluster 2/20/2013

Good Cop-Bad Cop

Homelesscide: One of them placed his hand on his gun and said, “You got a problem, bud—I mean bum?” By Dave Cluster 1/23/2013

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Homelesscide: As for the depression, when I am in its grips, at the bottom of the abyss, well, suicidal ideations are equivalent to happy thoughts. By Dave Cluster 10/24/2012

Gimme Shelter

Homelesscide: After three and a half years spending my nights sleeping in the infamous shed, I am again not certain where I will be sleeping from night to night. By Dave Cluster 9/26/2012

Tales From The Crypt

Homelesscide: It was a night much like tonight, dry and comfortable, in the upper 60s and filled with the sound of half a million crickets. I had not yet moved into the infamous “shed” and was bouncing around from place to place to place, depending on the weather, wher By Dave Cluster 9/5/2012

Panhandle Tales

Homelesscide: The Jamaican reincarnation of Barry Manilow called me over and said "White boy, you got heart. Get yourself a nice hotel room for the weekend." By Dave Cluster 8/15/2012

No Place Like Home

Homelesscide: I just got back from four days and nights at my daughter Jenn’s house—more accurately, the basement apartment of her mother-in-law’s. And I do appreciate the chance to shower and wash clothes and sleep in the air conditioning in exchange for watching the By Dave Cluster 7/18/2012


Homelesscide: Life On The Street By Dave Cluster 6/27/2012