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Mr. Wrong

Barack Hussein Obama(care)

I don’t know about you—I mean, because how could I, this column is all about me, me, me—but I’m totally burned out on all this Budget Shutdown Budget Showdown stuff, you know? Plus now with the “Debt Ceiling?” You gotta be tired of this crap too, right? Unless you have Opted Out of Current Events? Which, in a way, I Respect, if you have Opted Out on purpose, knowing all the Bad Things that are going on, as opposed to just being Ignorant, which, I dunno, even that has a certain appeal in terms of Inner Peace, eh? Maybe if you are like, Deeply Religious, you might not Opt-In to Current Events very much, since your Book or whatever helps to direct your Belief System has pretty much already told you what’s gonna happen, or at least how to behave, in terms of Good versus Evil, right? You can relax, I guess? Plus, non-Religiously, there’s a lotta good shows on the teevee, you don’t really ever have to look at the news on one, a television.

I watch all that crap, though, on teevee, I don’t discriminate, I’ll even watch the “talking head” programs with people interrupting each other, on MSNBC, and Fox, and CNN, and QVC. But I am so Opted-In that I have become inured to the Reality of Budget Shutdown Budget Showdown, and it’s kinda like listening to people argue about the weather, you know? But I mean in the Planetary Climate-Warming sense, not in like the “Hey man, it sure was really hot yesterday” sense. Weather is a Current Event, but unless it was like 700 degrees yesterday, you’re not enhancing anybody’s knowledge talking about the rain or the lack of rain or whatever, and I dunno, that might be why some people are Opted Out, you know? Everybody talks about The Government but nobody does anything about it except vote, I guess, and then you figure you’re done helping, and you can start complaining, right?

So if you do happen to give a flying fuck about Current Events, politically, unless you are a Republican or a Teapublican, you are mad at the Teapublicans for the Budget Showdown Budget Shutdown, because you Believe, as a non-Teapublican, that the Budget Shutdown Budget Showdown is all on account of the War on The Affordable Health Care Act, less-commonly known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called the Obamacare—formerly known, for the most part, as the Mitt Romney Governor of Massachusettscare, many would also contend—so that’s kinda weird, then, how the Health Care somehow managed to get elected?

The Teapublicans are mad about it, and they all say they never voted for it, but lotsa stuff gets elected that somebody didn’t vote for, you know? Mitt Romney didn’t get elected, even though he invented Obamacare, right? Of course he wasn’t really a Teapublican, so maybe that’s what happened? Afterwards, to fight back against the legally elected President of The United States of America, the Teapublicans, who are still kind of a big deal (in terms of Getting Elected to stuff) in Washington, District of Columbia, aka Our Nation’s Capital, have made saying No to Barack Hussein Obamacare the fundamental Tactic in their overall Strategy of saying No to the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama(care), and any Teapublican would tell you it makes perfect sense to say No, and anybody else who is not worried about getting the vote of the Teapublicans would say this is why Teapublicans are kooks, to be sore losers about the Affordable Obamacare Act that got elected, sore losers to the point where they are gonna say No to the whole Obama-everything, by doing this Budget Showdown Budget Shutdown, so they (and you know who They are) can have a do-over on Affordable Healthcare Obama, and it makes sense, I mean, you gotta see how it makes perfect sense to do Budget Shutdown Budget Showdown if the only thing you want to do is say No the Chief Executive, you know?

Political pundit-wise, I predicted the election and the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, so I think I know everything, and I think the Republicans will out-politics the Teapublicans in the Halls of Government with Rules and Deals and stuff like that with the Democrats, although if they (the Democrats) get carried away they might fuck it up even more by trying to get back some of the budget stuff they gave up while the Republicans were pushing everything toward the Fiscal Cliff, remember that?

I totally understand what the Re-and-Teapublicans were tying to do, even with the “Income Smoothing” (I don’t know what that is) and the Medical Device Tax or something (I know what that is, it is a Tax), because they’re looking at all the money as being in one big bucket, so what’s the difference if they’re gonna close the whole Government if they (the Tea-and-Republicans) Believe all this Obamacare is gonna destroy the Country financially? I understand! I don’t agree with it, but I understand.

I do not understand the Affordable Health Care Act, beyond it being an Act that lets the Government of the United States of America make a way for everybody who is an American to have some Health Care, and the only way to get it funded is to get lots of disgustingly healthy people in the country, the Youth of Our Nation, to be part of it, so that somehow they (the Healthy) will be part of the plan and kick in some dough, but not really use it as much as people who need to use it later in life, when chances are they (you) will need it, the Health Care, and that totally sounds like a pyramid scheme or something, and it is, but it’s not, it’s a scheme like Social Security, which is a pyramid scheme without the top of the pyramid ever getting finished, you know? It just goes on forever and ever, into the infinite, like the United States of America, and if you don’t Believe in that, then you are not very Patriotic and you are probably part of the Fiscal Cliff Debt Ceiling Default Deadline Budget Showdown Budget Shakedown Budget Shutdown. Thank you.

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