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Springtime for Wye Oak

Springtime for Wye Oak

Feature: Two years after their breakthrough album, the local duo is back from the brink with a new sound and a new attitude By Brandon Weigel 4/23/2014
The District Score

The District Score

Mobtown Beat: How legislators in Baltimore City’s six districts fared in Annapolis this election year By Van Smith 4/23/2014
Pet Psychic

Pet Psychic

City Folk: Terri Diener communicates with animals through telepathy By Gianna DeCarlo 4/23/2014
Baltimore City Power Rankings

Baltimore City Power Rankings

Power Rankings: Baltimore Arts, Martin O’Malley, Hopkins Hospital, Local 333, and the Department of Transportation 4/23/2014
Murder Ink

Murder Ink

Murder Ink: Murders this Week: 5; Murders this Year: 52 By Edward Ericson Jr. 4/23/2014

In the Weeds

The Mail: Pot laws can expand the minds and skills of those who need or want it. 4/23/2014
Guide to the High Life

Guide to the High Life

Feature: For the first time in ages, you are not afraid that the police will come and kick down your door because you might have a little bit of weed inside. 4/16/2014
High Times

High Times

Feature: The winners and losers in Maryland’s pot debate in 2014 By Van Smith 4/16/2014
Scratch ’N’ Sniff Product Reviews

Scratch ’N’ Sniff Product Reviews

Feature: your intrepid City Paper staff offers reviews that are as fragrant as they are flagrant, and super-helpful too! 4/16/2014
Putting the High in High Art

Putting the High in High Art

Feature: Sometimes, at its best, a little toke can wake you up to the splendor that surrounds you every day. By Aynardbay Oodsway 4/16/2014

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  • FDA to propose electronic cigarette regulations

    The fast-growing market for electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), which is virtually unregulated, is poised to fall under federal control, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set to announce proposed regulations today. Based on the New York Times coverage this morning, it appears the FDA will ban sales to minors and subject “e-juice”—the liquids, which often contain nicotine, that are vaporized by battery-powered e-cigs (pictured)—to pre-market regulatory approval, restricting its production to makers registered with agency. The Times piece quoted David Abrams of the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as saying that people “won’t be able to mix nicotine in your bathtub and sell it anymore.” In a January piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Abrams worried that regulatory overreach could stifle e-cigs’ revolutionary potential to dramatically reduce the use of combustible tobacco products, and even make “the cigarette obsolete.” Once a 75-day public-comment period passes, finalizing the new rules—which also cover cigars and pipe tobacco—is expected to take several more months, according to the Times, and, once finalized, more time will be required to administer them.

    The post FDA to propose electronic cigarette regulations appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

  • Video: Four uses for Fred Lazarus Legacy Stamps (NSFW)

    As part of Lazarus Legacy Week, MICA is selling Lazarus Legacy stamps for just $1 apiece—only a 108% percent markup of its face value! Here’s a MICA administration official suggesting four potential uses for the commemorative stamps…

    The post Video: Four uses for Fred Lazarus Legacy Stamps (NSFW) appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

  • The desperate hustle as a way of life

    Here is the future: nobody gets any job security. Nobody gets a fair wage while they have a job. Nobody gets a retirement fund or even any guarantee they’ll be able to eat tomorrow. And almost everyone is doing everything they can just to get by—and paying some substantial portion of their earnings to a pimp or “platform” which controls the business they are in. And ain’t life a grand adventure? Isn’t it all so fun? Welcome to the Sharing Economy. This is the model of the new economy, where anyone with a car ought to be a Lyft contractor (your fare pays what he or she thinks is right but the company is tweeting out “we’ve slashed prices 20 percent”) and anyone with a house or apartment is renting it out on Air BnB and crashing at their boyfriend’s parents’ place. All of this came about by design. The world is arranged according to the people who arrange things—the people who make money by this arrangement. We’re in our fourth decade of this. The Times reported this week that the American middle class has been surpassed by Canada’s. And it’s much worse than the New York Times imagines. As […]

    The post The desperate hustle as a way of life appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

  • MICA students respond to Lazarus retirement

    Yesterday, we reported on MICA’s attempt to make students and starving adjuncts care about the departure of president Fred Lazarus. Today, we gauge the student response in another video.

    The post MICA students respond to Lazarus retirement appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

  • French Eatery and Bar Le Garage Opens Friday in Hampden

    On the heels of the announcement that Café Cito will open in Hampden in a couple weeks comes news of yet another food stop in the neighborhood that’s sneakily becoming one of the top destinations for grub in the city—and this one is opening even sooner: Friday, Le Garage Beer Bar & Frites will open its doors and serve up dinner with both classic and peasant French dishes, tartines, and Belgian-style frites with over 18 various dipping sauces; the latter of which will also be available from a connected to-go shop on 36th St.—prime eats for avenue strolling. The 60-seat restaurant and 18-seat bar will be located at 911 W. 36th St., the former home of Dogwood, with a kitchen led by former Maggie’s Farm sous chef and 13.5% executive chef Sarah Acconcia. The beverage program will be handled by former Wine Market Bistro beer buyer Brendan Kirlin (whose beer selection we’ve always found to be solid). Beers will be poured from a new 14-tap system and focus mainly on Belgian, French, and local options, while the wine list will consist entirely of French varieties. Acconcia explained in a press release that they “wanted to create a place with approachable, French food that our […]

    The post French Eatery and Bar Le Garage Opens Friday in Hampden appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

  • Video exclusive: The historical roots of MICA’s Lazarus Legacy Week

    The cult-of-personality propaganda surrounding outgoing MICA President Fred Lazarus this week is astounding: Students are invited to partake in “Buttons and Bow ties,” “Fred Talks,” and, of course, attend the “We Love Fred” celebration (for $10 to $136). Students and overworked adjuncts can join a “bow tie mob” or purchase Lazarus Legacy stamps (like the one pictured—but don’t miss “young Fred”) at the MICA store. They only cost $1—52 cents more than face value. And if that is not enough to show your love for the great leader, you can offer a Tiny Tribute—because we are all tiny in the face of Fred’s greatness. Amid the tributes big and small, we were reminded of this beautiful video. Replace the mustache with a bow tie, and you’ll have a good impression of what MICA might look like this week.

    The post Video exclusive: The historical roots of MICA’s Lazarus Legacy Week appeared first on City Paper Blogs.

Cleaning Up: Federal money is expanding drug treatment in Baltimore--and causing providers headaches.

Shadow Economy. Following the players in Baltimore's illegal economy.

Family Portraits. Portraits of Black Guerrilla Family members indicted in Maryland.

Cover Photo

Whose Responible?

Whose Responible? home

Cleaning Up

Federal money is expanding drug treatment in Baltimore--and causing providers headaches.

Baltimore’s well-known illegal drug industry, which City Paper examined in 2008, has a flip side—the mostly federally-funded $50-million-per-year drug treatment industry. Because city leaders have for decades spoken of the need to better serve the city’s (seemingly never diminished) 60,000 substance abusers while wrapping pleas for more public funding in the slogan “treatment works,” we decided to examine drug treatment as a business and ask how well it actually does work—and for whom. A series by Edward Ericson Jr.

PART 1: Cleaning Up: Federal money is expanding drug treatment in Baltimore--and causing providers headaches. 06/22/2010

PART 2: Old Habits: Medicalization is the hot new thing in drug treatment. Just like in 1970. 07/27/2010

PART 3: "We Are Not In the Housing Business": Baltimore's recovering addicts need a clean, affordable, safe place to live. Somebody's making money on it--but don't ask who, or how. 9/29/2010

PART 4: "Waiting for the Plan": As more money flows into drug treatment centers and the number of addicts rises, Baltimore can't determine which programs actually work. 11/10/2010

Reaction: BBH Alters Board of Directors