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Film Review: The Railway Man

Film Review: The Railway Man

Film: Jonathan Teplitzky makes a decidedly 21st-century World War II movie By Jenn Ladd 4/23/2014
Film Review: Joe

Film Review: Joe

Film: Gary is torn between his father and the film’s titular character, Joe By Nicole King 4/23/2014
Film Review: Dom Hemingway

Film Review: Dom Hemingway

Film: Director Richard Shepard finds Richard E. Grant and lots more By Joe MacLeod 4/16/2014
Film Review: Jodorowsky’s Dune

Film Review: Jodorowsky’s Dune

Film: A film about a film that never was By Lee Gardner 4/16/2014
White Girls

White Girls

Film: Marlon Wayans talks about his new movie and his desire to play Richard Pryor By Joe MacLeod 4/9/2014
Film Review: Noah

Film Review: Noah

Film: Aronofsky, trying to please both the religious and the agnostic succeeds in jeering at both. By Alvaro E. Duran 4/9/2014
Film Review: Sorcerer

Film Review: Sorcerer

Film: William Friedkin’s near-forgotten story of tropical torture By Lee Gardner 4/2/2014
Film Review: The Lunchbox

Film Review: The Lunchbox

Film: Finding an understanding soul in a sea of people is a concept universally loved By Jenn Ladd 4/2/2014
Film Review: Le Week-End

Film Review: Le Week-End

Film: An honest film about baby boomers getting old By Jenn Ladd 3/26/2014
New This Week

New This Week

Film: The Lunchbox, Noah, Sabotage, and Alphaville 3/26/2014
Film Review: Brewmore

Film Review: Brewmore

Film: Hampden filmmaker traces Baltimore’s beer history By Jenn Ladd 3/19/2014
Film Review: Particle Fever

Film Review: Particle Fever

Film: A Documentary about fascinating science, and game-changing discoveries By Michael Reyes 3/19/2014
Film Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

Film Review: Half of a Yellow Sun

Film: Brilliant adaptation follows a family through Nigeria’s brutal Biafran War By Evan Serpick 3/12/2014
Film Review: Better Living through Chemistry

Film Review: Better Living through Chemistry

Film: Plastics, pesticides, preservatives, and prescriptions transformed American life. By Baynard Woods 3/12/2014
Film Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Film Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Film: Documentary dissects the mysterious 17th century precision of Johannes Vermeer, and the blurred line between science and art By Rebekah Kirkman 3/5/2014
Film Review: The Wind Rises

Film Review: The Wind Rises

Film: loosely based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the man who designed the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane By Michael Reyes 3/5/2014
Review: House of Cards Season 2

Review: House of Cards Season 2

Film: Francis Underwood gives liberals their own Dick Cheney: a vice president able to push through his agenda. By Baynard Woods 2/26/2014
Film Review: It Felt Like Love

Film Review: It Felt Like Love

Film: A young girl's sexual awakening leads to desperation By Jenn Ladd 2/26/2014
Film Review: Batman

Film Review: Batman

Film: Simply remaking great art doesn’t necessarily lead to an equally great result. By Brandon Weigel 2/26/2014
Film Review: Like Father, Like Son

Film Review: Like Father, Like Son

Film: A hospital mix-up leads to a sometimes ham-handed examination of Japanese class differences By Bret McCabe 2/19/2014
Politics As Usual

Politics As Usual

Film: Marvin Mandel: A Complicated Life By Van Smith 2/19/2014
Hometown Boys

Hometown Boys

Film: Baltimore-bred Hollywood-types explain how to get a movie made By Joe Macleod 2/12/2014
New This Week

New This Week

New This Week: Robocop, About Last Night, Endless Love, Winter's Tale, Babe, and The Big Combo 2/12/2014
Film Review: <em>The Past</em>

Film Review: The Past

Film: Asghar Farhadi’s second effort stumbles but doesn’t fall By Lee Gardner 2/5/2014
Film Review: <em>The New Black</em>

Film Review: The New Black

Film: Religion often appears to be losing a foothold in the United States, as regular mass-goers might attest. By Jenn Ladd 2/5/2014
Art Schooled

Art Schooled

Film: New web series pokes affectionate fun at Baltimore’s arts community By Baynard Woods 1/29/2014
Film Review: 12 O\'Clock Boys

Film Review: 12 O'Clock Boys

Film: Lotfy Nathan examines the culture of local dirt-bike crew By Jenn Ladd 1/29/2014

New This Week

Film: At Middleton, Labor Day, Oscar Shorts, That Awkward Moment, The Servant, and The Black Stallion 1/29/2014
Film Review: The Invisible Woman

Film Review: The Invisible Woman

Film: Story of Dickens and his teenaged mistress paints a bleak picture of women’s lives in 19th-century England By Jenn Ladd 1/22/2014
Film Review: The Last Detail

Film Review: The Last Detail

Film: The Last Detail plays out like The Hangover in Dixie-cup hats and Navy blues By Brandon Weigel 1/22/2014
Film Review: Nostalghia

Film Review: Nostalghia

Film: In the early ’80s, director Andrei Tarkovsky left his native Russia behind and devoted his first film shot outside the Soviet Union to looking back. By Lee Gardner 1/15/2014
Film Review: Jamesy Boy

Film Review: Jamesy Boy

Film: Locally filmed crime drama aims for gritty realism but rings hollow By Jenn Ladd 1/15/2014
Film Review: August: Osage County

Film Review: August: Osage County

Film: Oscar-striving performances can’t save a so-so script By Geoffrey Himes 1/8/2014
New This Week

New This Week

New This Week: Her, Island of Lost Souls, The Legend of Hercules, Lone Survivor, and Salty Dog Blues. 1/8/2014
Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

Film: Greed, sex, and drugs abound in Scorsese’s latest By Enrique Lopetegui 1/1/2014
Film Review: The Lady Vanishes

Film Review: The Lady Vanishes

Film: Hitchcock delivers puzzlement, intrigue, and a sizable dose of comedy. By Jenn Ladd 1/1/2014
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Film: Mandela biopic tackles South Africa’s tangled history By Andrew Zaleski 12/25/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: 47 Ronin, Grudge Match, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, and The Wolf Of Wall Street 12/25/2013
Film Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Film Review: Inside Llewyn Davis

Film: The Coen Brothers’ latest employs ’60s folk revival as backdrop By Jenn Ladd 12/18/2013
Film Review: The Third Man

Film Review: The Third Man

Film: Not quite Film Noir By H. Dean Freeman 12/18/2013
Film Review: Let the Fire Burn

Film Review: Let the Fire Burn

Film: Found-footage doc delves into the 1985 MOVE tragedy By Jenn Ladd 12/10/2013
Our Town: Baltimore

Our Town: Baltimore

Film: Interview with MoMA curator Anne Morra By H. Dean Freeman 12/10/2013
Film Review: The Armstrong Lie

Film Review: The Armstrong Lie

Film: The colossal fall of an American hero By Enrique Lopetegui 12/4/2013
Film Review: Hit and Stay

Film Review: Hit and Stay

Film: The Baltimore Four and the Catonsville Nine would spark a series of similar, Catholic Left-led demonstrations By Jenn Ladd 12/4/2013
Nun Too Pleased

Nun Too Pleased

Film: Steve Coogan works comedy and balance into nun-conspiracy movie By Jenn Ladd 11/27/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: Frozen, Homefront, The Book Thief, Black Nativity, and Nebraska 11/27/2013
Rough Rider

Rough Rider

Film: HIV-infected-cowboy movie can’t quite buck Hollywood sentimentalism By Jeff Meyers 11/20/2013
Film Review: Kill Your Darlings

Film Review: Kill Your Darlings

Film: The slightly adapted origin story of the Beat Generation By Baynard Woods 11/13/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: Point Break, The New Black, Dallas Buyers Club, The Best Man Holiday, and Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene 11/13/2013
Film Review: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Film Review: Blue Is the Warmest Color

Film: Is a coming-of-age film a work of art or indulgence? By Jenn Ladd 11/6/2013
Film Review: The Godfather

Film Review: The Godfather

Film: The Godfather Directed by Francis Ford Coppola Plays at the Charles Theatre Nov. 9 at 11 a.m., Nov. 11 at 7 p.m., and Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. Moviegoers of 2013 are as familiar with the caricature of Al Pacino as with the actor himself: the token verbose, bl By Brandon Weigel 11/6/2013
Loony Toons

Loony Toons

Film: MICA shows non-Disneyfied animation shorts By Jenn Ladd 10/30/2013
Film Review: The Counselor

Film Review: The Counselor

Film: The fullest and most fearsome filmic expression of McCarthy’s deeply pessimistic vision. By Baynard Woods 10/30/2013
Film Review: 12 Years a Slave

Film Review: 12 Years a Slave

Film: A British director’s compelling depiction of American slavery By Jenn Ladd 10/23/2013
Film Review: WNUF Halloween Special

Film Review: WNUF Halloween Special

Film: Perfectly authentic, right down to painstakingly “aged” VCR footage. By Evan Serpick 10/23/2013
Film Review: Captain Phillips

Film Review: Captain Phillips

Film: Captain Phillips Directed by Paul Greengrass Now Playing at the Senator Theatre If you’re unfamiliar with the events of April 2009, when an American cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Africa, do yourself a favor and do not Google the incident before seeing the film adaptation Captain Phillips. By Cameron Meier 10/16/2013
Film Review: Drinking Buddies

Film Review: Drinking Buddies

Film: Drinking Buddies Directed by Joe Swanberg Plays at the Charles Theatre Oct. 23 7:30 p.m. You’ll be thirsty while you’re watching Joe Swanberg’s latest effort. By Jenn Ladd 10/16/2013
Film Review: Short Term 12

Film Review: Short Term 12

Film: Short Term 12 Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton Opens at the Charles Theatre Oct. 18 If we’re lucky—if the tides are right and the winds are calm—we might get one or two movies a year as good as Short Term 12. It’s a far better movie, in fact, than the By Corey Hall 10/16/2013
Film Review: The Summit

Film Review: The Summit

Film: The Summit Directed by Nick Ryan Now playing at the Charles On Aug. 1, 2008, 11 people died within hours of each other on K2, the world’s second highest peak, on the border of Pakistan and China. By H. Dean Freeman 10/16/2013
Film Review: I am Divine

Film Review: I am Divine

Film: John Waters’ muse gets the loving look back he deserves By Evan Serpick 10/9/2013
Film Review: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Film Review: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Film: Kubrick’s incongruous 1968 sci-fi opus By Brandon Weigel 10/9/2013
Film Review: Gravity

Film Review: Gravity

Film: Alfonso Cuarón establishes the high-water mark for 3-D movies By Jeff Meyers 10/2/2013
Film Review: Inequality for All

Film Review: Inequality for All

Film: If there’s a bogey to blame, it appears to be a political class, liberal and conservative. By Andrew Zaleski 10/2/2013
Roland Park Blues

Roland Park Blues

Film: Matthew Porterfield’s third feature focuses on the personal and the universal By Jenn Ladd 9/25/2013
Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Film: Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes and directs a provocative date movie—but probably not a first-date movie, OK? By Joe MacLeod 9/25/2013
Film Review: Prisoners

Film Review: Prisoners

Film: Hugh Jackman plays Paul Bunyan-esque father Keller Dover, whose young daughter disappears on Thanksgiving By Jenn Ladd 9/25/2013
Film Review: Good Ol’ Freda

Film Review: Good Ol’ Freda

Film: The Beatles’ secretary and fan-club president remembers 11 years with the band By Jenn Ladd 9/11/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: The Family, Insidious: Chapter 2,and A Band Called Death, 9/11/2013
Film Review: Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer

Film Review: Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer

Film: The smiles seem to disappear from Shabazz’s subjects as the ’80s come to a deadly end By J.M. Giordano 9/4/2013


Film: Napoleon Dynamite’s director takes on Jane Austen By Jenn Ladd 9/4/2013
Film Review: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Film Review: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Film: we find ourselves in a completely different place than we expected, and it’s a welcome surprise. By Evan Serpick 8/28/2013
Film Review: The Grandmaster

Film Review: The Grandmaster

Film: Wong’s lack of interest in traditional movie action smacks you in the face. By Lee Gardner 8/28/2013
Film Review: The Spectacular Now

Film Review: The Spectacular Now

Film: Screenwriting duo return to indulge in romantic cliches and tell the same tired high school love story we’ve seen countless times before. By Michael Reyes 8/28/2013
New This Week

New This Week

New This Week: The Act of Killing, Closed Circuit, Getaway, and One Direction: This is Us 8/28/2013
Think Table Talk Pie

Think Table Talk Pie

Film: City Paper talks Apple, Ashton Kutcher, and the tiny pie with Jobs folk By Joe MacLeod 8/21/2013
Film Review: Blue Jasmine

Film Review: Blue Jasmine

Film: Mental deterioration and economic collapse collide in Woody Allen’s latest By Brandon Soderberg 8/14/2013
Film Review: We’re the Millers

Film Review: We’re the Millers

Film: We’re the Millers Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber Jennifer Aniston may walk with a tight little ass twitch in her khaki capris as a stripper-gone-housewife in the new comedy We’re the Millers, but girl has no rhythm. Millers is set in mellow Denver By Wendy Ward 8/14/2013
Film Review: Prince Avalanche

Film Review: Prince Avalanche

Film: Paul Rudd plays a more grown up bro, but can’t save a film with spotty pacing and bad writing By Brandon Weigel 8/7/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, We’re The MillerS, Elysium, Lovelace, and Planes 8/7/2013
Film Review: Blackfish

Film Review: Blackfish

Film: Blackfish reveals the plight of orcas and SeaWorld employees By Jim Meyer 7/31/2013
Film Review: Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Film Review: Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Film: This isn’t a spoiler: Mahalia Jackson is no joke. By Bret McCabe 7/31/2013
Film Review: Fruitvale Station

Film Review: Fruitvale Station

Film: A retelling of the Oscar Grant story offers perspective on recent events By Jenn Ladd 7/24/2013

Baltimore Surf + Skate Film Festival

Film: Last Paradise, Bones Brigade, Through Our Own Eyes, Finnsurf, Northwest, Out There, Come Hell or High Water, Dogtown and Z-Boys, Hanging Five, and The Man Who Souled the World 7/24/2013

Film Review: Last Paradise

Film: “We’re all gravity addicts,” By Kimberly Uslin 7/24/2013
Film Review: Come Hell or High Water

Film Review: Come Hell or High Water

Film: An uncomplicated tribute to body-surfing By Marisa Hill Dunn 7/24/2013
The Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue

The Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue

Film: Sex, drugs, and an airplane in Almodovar’s latest By Baynard Woods 7/17/2013
<em>All About Eve</em>

All About Eve

Film: There’s one career all females have in common, whether we like it or not: being a woman By Jenn Ladd 7/17/2013
Film Review: A Hijacking

Film Review: A Hijacking

Film: Lost at sea - The limits of power and humanity are tested in a gut-wrenching film about a standoff with Somali pirates By Jenn Ladd 7/10/2013
The Way, Way Back

The Way, Way Back

Film: A movie for that awkward, I’d-rather-not kid but also something for that other kid too By Jenn Ladd 7/10/2013
Film Review: Miami Connection

Film Review: Miami Connection

Film: A squadron of cocaine-trafficking biker-ninjas vs. a synth band called Dragon Sound, made up of orphaned Taekwondo experts. By Evan Serpick 7/3/2013
Film Review: Downloaded

Film Review: Downloaded

Film: A documentary about Napster and Shawn Fanning. By Jenn Ladd 7/3/2013
Film Review: Despicable Me 2

Film Review: Despicable Me 2

Film: Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud deliver the same fun, slapstick entertainment that won us over in Despicable Me By Michael Reyes 7/3/2013
Film Review: The Lone Ranger

Film Review: The Lone Ranger

Film: Hammer and Depp capture the sense of adventure from the original series, but not without a little Wild West campiness. By Michael McGurk 7/3/2013
The Bored Life

The Bored Life

Film: The story of a disintegrating marriage mirrors a famed Hollywood tryst By Jenn Ladd 6/26/2013
Film Review: Dirty Wars

Film Review: Dirty Wars

Film: The destructive actions of the U.S. only serve to create new terrorists for American soldiers to hunt down and eliminate By Brandon Weigel 6/26/2013
Kosher Coupling

Kosher Coupling

Film: Drama meets romance in an Israeli movie set in Israel’s Hasidic community By Courtney Cousins 6/19/2013
<em>Much Ado About Nothing</em>

Much Ado About Nothing

Film: It’s Shakespeare, but with martinis By Andrew Zaleski 6/19/2013
<em>The East</em>

The East

Film: Brit Marling packs an environmental punch in a fast-paced, well-written spy movie By Jenn Ladd 6/12/2013
Film Review: Before Midnight

Film Review: Before Midnight

Film: Two young people who spent a magical night in Vienna in 1995’s Before Sunrise, miraculously reconnected nearly a decade later, in Paris, in 2004’s Before Sunset. By Bret McCabe 6/12/2013
Visual Activists at Work

Visual Activists at Work

Film: LGBT Film Festival brings groundbreaking South African doc to town By Bret McCabe 6/5/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: The Purge, The Internship, The Kings of Summer, and I am Divine! 6/5/2013
White Hipster Problems

White Hipster Problems

Film: Noah Baumbach makes smart, anxious comedy for millennials By Brandon Soderberg 5/29/2013
<em>Stories We Tell</em>

Stories We Tell

Film: Imagine assembling your entire family, friends, and co-workers, sitting each down individually and asking them to tell the whole story By Jenn Ladd 5/29/2013
Jazz Age, With Jay-Z

Jazz Age, With Jay-Z

Film: Larger-than-life Gatsby glitters, just may be gold By Jenn Ladd 5/22/2013


Film: Kon-Tiki Directed by Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg Now Playing at the Charles Theatre Every based-on-a-true-story movie has that goofy scene where the hero gets a glazed look in their eyes By Brandon Soderberg 5/22/2013
A Hero Ain’t Nothing but a Manwich

A Hero Ain’t Nothing but a Manwich

Film: The third Iron Man movie is better than the second one but not as good as The Avengers By Joe MacLeod 5/8/2013
<em>This Is Spinal Tap</em>

This Is Spinal Tap

Film: The talent of the cast astounds, their capacity for improvisation seemingly never-ending. By Jenn Ladd 5/8/2013
Just a Filipino Boy

Just a Filipino Boy

Film: A Baltimorean tells the story of Journey’s new frontman By John Barry 5/1/2013
<em>Public Access Explosion</em>

Public Access Explosion

Film: For over 20 years, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have made a career out collecting VHS tapes from thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters. By Courtney Cousins 5/1/2013
Reel Short

Reel Short

Film: A City Paper roundup of what’s playing this week 4/24/2013
<em>Super Seniors</em>

Super Seniors

Film: A bevy of Hollywood’s aging elite star in Robert Redford’s latest By Jenn Ladd 4/17/2013
<em>I do, times Eight </em>

I do, times Eight

Film: One gay couple, eight wedding ceremonies By Courtney Cousins 4/17/2013
<em>The Place Beyond the Pines</em>

The Place Beyond the Pines

Film: The Place Beyond the Pines Directed by Derek Cianfrance Now playing Wow, this is not an easy movie, but what a great movie, and what a novelty. By Joe MacLeod 4/17/2013
<em>Abstract Romance</em>

Abstract Romance

Film: If Terrence Malick directed a soap opera, it just might look like this By Bret McCabe 4/10/2013
<em>Mulholland Drive</em>

Mulholland Drive

Film: Directed by David Lynch Playing at the Charles Theatre April 13, 15, and 18. When Mulholland Drive first opened in 2001, I was teaching intro to philosophy at a university and I offered my impressionable young students extra credit for seeing it. A few By Baynard Woods 4/10/2013
Reel Short

Reel Short

Film: A City Paper roundup of what’s playing this week 4/3/2013
On the Road, Again

On the Road, Again

Film: Walter Salles’ adaptation of the classic novel is as exciting as a long, traffic-clogged drive between Baltimore and Richmond By Baynard Woods 3/27/2013
Sun Don’t Shine

Sun Don’t Shine

Film: A cross between a romance and a psychological thriller. By Jenn Ladd 3/27/2013
Junket Junkie

Junket Junkie

Film: Scottish celebrity meets a Baltimorean By Joe MacLeod 3/20/2013
<em>Olympus Has Fallen</em>

Olympus Has Fallen

Film: Every few years, Hollywood rolls out an Action Movie that tries to maim, kill, or otherwise harm The President of The United States of America. By Joe MacLeod 3/20/2013


Film: Mia Wasikowska stars in South Korean auteur’s suspenseful English-language debut By Jenn Ladd 3/13/2013
<em>Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow</em>

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Film: Slabs of broken stone lie in tumble-down piles as muted screams ebb and surge. By Lee Gardner 3/13/2013
<em>Victory to Change</em>

Victory to Change

Film: Creative Alliance screens Indian activist documentary for International Women’s Day By Alexa Kwiatkoski 3/6/2013


Film: Explore the toll taken on the lives of German citizens who had supported the war effort By Elias DuBose 3/6/2013
<em>The Gatekeepers</em>

The Gatekeepers

Film: The dealings of Israel’s Shin Bet explored in new documentary By Andrew Zaleski 3/6/2013
<em>12 O’Clock Boys</em>

12 O’Clock Boys

Film: A documentary about Baltimore’s notorious urban dirt bike riders. By Baynard Woods 3/6/2013
Innocence And Experience

Innocence And Experience

Film: Johnny Depp stars in Jim Jarmusch’s psychedelic, cameo-packed Western By Jenn Ladd 2/27/2013
New This Week

New This Week

Film: 21 AND OVER From the directors of The Hangover comes another exploration of intoxication—and this one is for the kids. An Asian-American college student turns 21, gets plastered, pals around with some buddies, falls out a window, plays beer pong, dr 2/27/2013
<em>Any Day Now</em>

Any Day Now

Film: An unlikely gay couple strive for acceptance in late 1970s West Hollywood. By Elias DuBose 2/20/2013
<em>A Good Day to Die Hard</em>

A Good Day to Die Hard

Film: Bruce Willis, America’s posterboy for male-pattern baldness, By Joe MacLeod 2/20/2013
<em>Twilight of the Goths</em>

Twilight of the Goths

Film: Special effects get the better of a supernatural-teen romance By Jeff Meyers 2/20/2013
The Family That Prays Together

The Family That Prays Together

Film: What happens when sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll collide with religion By Jenn Ladd 2/13/2013


Film: Cancer Directed by Jon Bevers At School 33 through March 9 There is a surreal golden hue to much of Jon Bevers’ short film Cancer, now playing in a loop at School 33. By Baynard Woods 2/13/2013
<em>Beauty is Embarrassing: The Wayne White Story</em>

Beauty is Embarrassing: The Wayne White Story

Film: Art is a 24/7 way of life. By Baynard Woods 2/6/2013
<em>Falling Out</em>

Falling Out

Film: Filmmaker explores the strained relationship with his father in an experimental documentary By Bret McCabe 2/6/2013
<em>I Used to Be Darker</em>

I Used to Be Darker

Film: Matt Porterfield premieres new film at festival By Damien Ober 1/30/2013
<em>Die Hard</em>

Die Hard

Film: Here’s why the movie is amazing. By Brandon Weigel 1/30/2013


Film: “Oh, no. Everything else is sold out.” By Jenn Ladd 1/23/2013


Film: A married couple’s love faces its final test By Lee Gardner 1/23/2013
<em>Rust and Bone</em>

Rust and Bone

Film: On finding happiness with someone less-than-ideal By Jenn Ladd 1/16/2013
<em>The Central Park Five</em>

The Central Park Five

Film: New Burns’ documentary looks at the wrongful conviction of five teens By Jenn Ladd 1/9/2013
<em>Not Fade Away</em>

Not Fade Away

Film: A well-controlled and surprisingly not-depressing story about real life behind the music. By Joe MacLeod 1/9/2013


Film: The first take on Thomas Harris’ novel dwells on emotional drama By Jenn Ladd 1/2/2013
<em>Hyde Park Lark</em>

Hyde Park Lark

Film: What FDR was really up to during his presidency—or not By Jenn Ladd 12/26/2012
<em>It’s a Wonderful Life</em>

It’s a Wonderful Life

Film: Jimmy Stewart can’t escape small-town blues. By Jenn Ladd 12/19/2012

The House I Live In

Film: Directed by Eugene Jarecki By Joe Tropea 12/12/2012
Jailhouse Doc

Jailhouse Doc

Film: Eugene Jarecki tackles the war on drugs By Joe Tropea 12/12/2012


Film: Hitchcock’s script grazes the surface By Jeff Meyers 12/5/2012
<em>Monsieur Verdoux</em>

Monsieur Verdoux

Film: Physical comedy takes a backseat to contemporary commentary By Jenn Ladd 12/5/2012

Video Haven

Film: Baltimore Video Collective, hopes to start an easily accessible nonprofit video library in the city By Brandon Weigel 11/28/2012
<em>Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me</em>

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Film: The challenging prequel to TV’s Twin Peaks By Bret McCabe 11/28/2012
<em>Life of Pi</em>

Life of Pi

Film: Ang Lee explores another dimension in his latest By Jenn Ladd 11/21/2012
<em>Strangers on a Train</em>

Strangers on a Train

Film: Everybody has secret urges and desires, some of them dark and, perhaps, violent. By Brandon Weigel 11/21/2012


Film: Honest Abe achieves silver-screen sainthood By Jenn ladd 11/14/2012
Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

Film: Helen Hunt as a sex surrogate for a polio survivor By Jenn ladd 11/7/2012
<em>Beyond the Black Rainbow</em>

Beyond the Black Rainbow

Film: Beyond the Black Rainbow Directed by Panos Cosmatos At the Charles Theatre Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. The numbers, red on black, slowly reveal themselves, one at a time: 1. 9. 8. 3. Even a few minutes into Beyond the Black Rainbow, the year is already almost a punchline. By Lee Gardner 11/7/2012
Chesapeake Decay

Chesapeake Decay

Film: Barry Levinson explores the bay’s ills in horror movie By Jenn Ladd 10/29/2012
<em>The Bay</em>

The Bay

Film: The Bay Directed by Barry Levinson Opens at the Charles Theatre on Nov. 2 Creepy-crawlers on steroids star in The Bay, Barry Levinson’s new eco-horror film. Fed on tons of chickenshit runoff in the Chesapeake, schools of underwater isopods (Google it) ha By Jenn Ladd 10/29/2012
<em>Texas Chain Saw Massacre</em>

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Film: The slasher flick that spawned them all By Jenn Ladd 10/24/2012
<em>Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to travel</em>

Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to travel

Film: A fun jaunt through fashion editor Diana Vreeland's life By Erin Gleeson 10/17/2012


Film: Documentary ponders the decay and future of Detroit By Erin Gleeson 10/17/2012
<em>The Giant Mechanical Man</em>

The Giant Mechanical Man

Film: Janice and Tim’s relationship is adorable and refreshingly real By Erin Gleeson 10/10/2012
<em>Projexorcism: SpaceGlue Continuum</em>

Projexorcism: SpaceGlue Continuum

Film: A film-based performance group takes the viewer to a whole new realm By R.M. O’Brien 10/10/2012
<em>Chicken with Plums</em>

Chicken with Plums

Film: Marjane Satrapi talks about the many facets of her latest film By Erin Gleeson 10/3/2012
<em>Liberal Arts</em>

Liberal Arts

Film: Two years after Happythankyoumoreplease, Radnor continues his study of not-quite-grown-ups By Erin Gleeson 10/3/2012


Film: Filmmaker Rory Kennedy gets personal for the first—and last—time By Erin Gleeson 9/26/2012


Film: A cult classic featuring naked space vampires. By Lee Gardner 9/26/2012


Film: Director Nicholas Jarecki’s thriller moves with precision By Erin Gleeson 9/11/2012
<em>Sleepwalk with Me</em>

Sleepwalk with Me

Film: Mike Birbiglia survives it all By Enrique Lopetegui 9/11/2012
Glass house

Glass house

Film: Interpreting dreams with NPR host and co-writer of Sleepwalk with Me Ira Glass By Kiko Martinez 9/11/2012
Home Movies

Home Movies

Film: Spike Lee returns to his chronicles of Brooklyn, but proves he’s at home in any film By Erin Gleeson 8/29/2012
Fall Film Highlights

Fall Film Highlights

Film: Conrad Brooks, Derby Baby, Teen Witch, Young Frankenstein, and more 8/29/2012
<em>The Circus Animals</em>

The Circus Animals

Film: A group of friends get swept up in their love of moviemaking By Erin Gleeson 8/29/2012
<em>Modern Marvel</em>

Modern Marvel

Film: The Charles Theatre’s revival of Modern Times shows Chaplin still up-to-date By Baynard Woods 8/15/2012
Candid Camera

Candid Camera

Film: Omar Broadway’s unauthorized look at prison life offers a new perspective By Erin Gleeson 8/8/2012
<em>The Silence of the Lambs</em>

The Silence of the Lambs

Film: Over-the-top serial killers Hannibal the Cannibal and Buffalo Bill may chew up the screen, but Starling's at the center of the story. By Lee Gardner 8/8/2012
Red Tape

Red Tape

Film: Local horror filmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George bring their celebration of VHS’s idiosyncratic qualities to Artscape By Bret McCabe 7/18/2012
Maryland Film Festival

Maryland Film Festival

Film: At Artscape, The Charles Theater, July 20-22 7/18/2012
<em>Beasts of the Southern Wild</em>

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Film: Director Benh Zeitlin’s first feature is somehow both highly personal and massive in scope By Erin Gleeson 7/11/2012
Benh Zeitlin

Benh Zeitlin

Film: Citypaper talks with writer/director about his first feature By Erin Gleeson 7/11/2012
<em>They Live</em>

They Live

Film: A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. By Erin Gleeson 7/11/2012
<em>To Rome with Love</em>

To Rome with Love

Film: Woody Allen’s love letter to the city of Rome could use some editing By Erin Gleeson 7/4/2012
<em>Your Sister’s Sister</em>

Your Sister’s Sister

Film: Writer/director Lynn Shelton’s latest film veers away from the script and forges its own path By Erin Gleeson 6/27/2012
<em>How to Live Forever</em>

How to Live Forever

Film: Results May Vary By Erin Gleeson 6/20/2012
<em>Moonrise Kingdom</em>

Moonrise Kingdom

Film: Wes Anderson’s tale of romance and adventure aims for lively but ends up lifeless By Violet LeVoit 6/13/2012
Weekend Auteurs

Weekend Auteurs

Film: 48 Hour Film Project sends 800 filmmakers scrambling through the soaked streets of Baltimore By Baynard Woods 6/6/2012


Film: Andrzej Zulawski’s exploration of a divorce goes for the gut By Lee Gardner 5/30/2012


Film: In the 1880s, middle-class women everywhere suffered from an overactive uterus, or so said Dr. Dalrymple By Erin Gleeson 5/30/2012


Film: Documentarian Kevin Macdonald gives viewers too much of a good thing: Bob Marley By Erin Gleeson 5/23/2012
<em>Norwegian Wood</em>

Norwegian Wood

Film: An unexpected tragedy rips this trio apart By Erin Gleeson 5/23/2012
<em>Sound of My Voice</em>

Sound of My Voice

Film: Director Zal Batmanglij guides viewers into a sinister cult world By Erin Gleeson 5/9/2012
Film Fest Frenzy

Film Fest Frenzy

Film Fest Frenzy: Our guide to the 2012 Maryland Film Festival 5/2/2012

Film Fest Frenzy: Schedule

Film Fest Frenzy: Our guide to the 2012 Maryland Film Festival 5/2/2012
<em>The Avengers</em>

The Avengers

Film: Director Joss Whedon wrangles an ensemble cast of superheroes and comes out on top By Max Robinson 5/2/2012
Do the Sambola

Do the Sambola

Film: Writer/director Whit Stillman returns, heads to campus, grabs Greta Gerwig, and hits the dance floor By Bret McCabe 4/25/2012
<em>Damsels in Distress</em>

Damsels in Distress

Film: The movie follows the romantic and academic travails of Violet (Greta Gerwig) By Bret McCabe 4/25/2012
<em>We Have a Pope</em>

We Have a Pope

Film: What if you were offered one of the most powerful—and daunting—jobs on the planet, and what if you were wise enough to know exactly how daunting, nay impossible, such a position might be? By Lee Gardner 4/25/2012
<em>The Innkeepers</em>

The Innkeepers

Film: A standard haunted-house flick but still packed with some scare power By Lee Gardner 4/25/2012
<em>The Deep Blue Sea</em>

The Deep Blue Sea

Film: The only thing that outshines Rachel Weisz in Terence Davies’ drama of postwar Britain is Davies himself By Lee Gardner 4/18/2012
<em>The Cabin in the Woods</em>

The Cabin in the Woods

Film: If its geek pedigree isn’t enough to tip you off that The Cabin in the Woods isn’t your typical slasher movie, it should become clear within the first few minutes By Michael Gallucci 4/11/2012
<em>Jiro Dreams of Sushi</em>

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Film: David Gelb’s documentary opens by explaining/confirming its title: 85-year-old Jiro Ono spends all day, almost every day, preparing and making sushi. By Lee Gardner 4/11/2012
<em>The Raid: Redemption</em>

The Raid: Redemption

Film: Indonesian martial-arts flick beats the crap out of tired Hollywood action By Lee Gardner 4/11/2012


Film: New doc offers a compelling look at bullying, if not the whole story By Erin Gleeson 4/11/2012
<em>The Kid With a Bike</em>

The Kid With a Bike

Film: The Kid With a Bike Directed by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne At the Charles Theatre Cyril (Thomas Doret) knows his dad didn’t just leave him at a group home and move away with no plans of coming back. He certainly didn’t sell Cyril’s bike, despite th By Lee Gardner 4/11/2012
<em>We Need to Talk About Kevin</em>

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Film: Scottish director Lynne Ramsay’s flick about the mother of a murderer lacks subtlety By Lee Gardner 4/4/2012
<em>Crazy Horse</em>

Crazy Horse

Film: Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman puts his focus on Le Crazy Horse de Paris, the French cabaret By Lee Gardner 4/4/2012
Johns Hopkins Film Festival

Johns Hopkins Film Festival

Film: We’ve heard many tech-savvy, HD-embracing folks swear that digital video is meeting—if not surpassing—the quality of film By Erin Gleeson 4/4/2012


Film: A father and son duke it out in academe in Joseph Cedar’s tragicomedy By Erin Gleeson 3/28/2012
<em>The Hunger Games</em>

The Hunger Games

Film: A post-apocalyptic showcase for a much-needed breath of fresh air in the form of Katniss Everdeen By Justin Strout 3/21/2012
<em>Salmon Fishing in the Yemen</em>

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Film: Britain’s leading fisheries expert tackles the impossible task of bringing wild salmon from British waters to the deserts of the Middle East. By Laura Dattaro 3/21/2012
Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland

Film: No stranger to Hollywood she returns to her home country of Poland. By Erin Gleeson 3/21/2012
<em>In Darkness</em>

In Darkness

Film: Agnieszka Holland returns with a Holocaust story set in the sewers of a Polish city By Erin Gleeson 3/21/2012


Film: Oscar-winning doc focuses on what it takes to compete when you can’t By Joe MacLeod 3/14/2012
<em>Friends With Kids</em>

Friends With Kids

Film: A new romcom really wants to be something other than another romcom and almost succeeds By Lee Gardner 3/7/2012
<em>Thin Ice</em>

Thin Ice

Film: Thin Ice suffers by comparison with another Midwestern white-out noir By Lee Gardner 2/29/2012
<em>Blank City</em>

Blank City

Film: Blank City Kino Lorber DVD and Blu-ray Celine Danhier’s documentary on New York’s underground film scene delves so deep into NYC hipster history that it features photographs of director Jim Jarmusch with dark hair. Thus Blank City qualifies as essential By Lee Gardner 2/29/2012
Tournées Festival of Contemporary French Cinema

Tournées Festival of Contemporary French Cinema

Film: An annual festival of French film returns to JHU for a third year 2/22/2012
A Decade of Golden Showers

A Decade of Golden Showers

Film: Our 10th annual fake Oscars 2/22/2012
<em>Declaration of War</em>

Declaration of War

Film: A real-life couple mess up the story of their own real-life tragedy By Erin Gleeson 2/22/2012
<em>A Separation</em>

A Separation

Film: A gripping Iranian domestic mystery introduces a rare cinematic talent to American viewers By Lee Gardner 2/15/2012
Asghar Farhadi

Asghar Farhadi

Film: A Separation’s director tells just enough of the truth (in his film) By Lee Gardner 2/15/2012
<em>The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu</em>

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

Film: For nearly three hours, you watch former Romanian Communist autocrat Nicolae Ceausescu give speeches By Lee Gardner 2/15/2012


Film: Sundance fave has everything going for it but a resistance to queer coming-of-age cliche By Violet LeVoit 2/1/2012
<em>Holding on to Jah: The Genesis of a Revolution</em>

Holding on to Jah: The Genesis of a Revolution

Film: The way reggae and Rastafarianism arose and ultimately grew together is the subject of a new documentary By Lee Gardner 2/1/2012
<em>Essential Killing</em>

Essential Killing

Film: "Starring Vincent Gallo" wouldn't ordinarily be considered a sign of progress to a more nuanced view of the Afghanistan conflict By Lee Gardner 2/1/2012
<em>Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure</em>

Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

Film: A new doc tells the story of two twentysomethings who live next door to a pair of screaming drunks and decide to tape them By Erin Gleeson 2/1/2012
<em>Albert Nobbs</em>

Albert Nobbs

Film: Glenn Close’s cross-dressing-servant passion project fumbles its passions By Lee Gardner 1/25/2012
<em>Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives</em>

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Film: Thai film ponders the ineffable down on the farm By Lee Gardner 1/25/2012
Charm City LGBT Film Festival

Charm City LGBT Film Festival

Film: LGBT Film fest features documentaries, lesbian space aliens, and transgender Indonesian superheroes 1/18/2012
<em>A Dangerous Method</em>

A Dangerous Method

Film: When it comes to the roots of psychoanalysis, David Cronenberg’s latest isn’t all talk By Lee Gardner 1/18/2012
<em>Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close</em>

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Film: Post-Sept. 11 film pulls off eccentric, small-scale redemption By Violet LeVoit 1/18/2012


Film: Many of the best films in the western genre bear an elegiac quality By Lee Gardner 1/18/2012


Film: Roman Polanski’s black comedy mostly assaults your patience. By Lee Gardner 1/11/2012
<em>Film Socialisme</em>

Film Socialisme

Film: John Huston was making great films right up until his death at 81 By Lee Gardner 1/11/2012
<em>The Iron Lady</em>

The Iron Lady

Film: The Iron Lady Directed by Phyllida Lloyd Opens Jan. 13 Recently, a co-worker expressed a mixture of anticipation and caution regarding The Iron Lady, the Meryl Streep-headlined biopic of the controversial former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. “I By Justin Strout 1/11/2012
<em>Week End</em>

Week End

Film: Week End Directed by Jean-Luc Godard At the Charles Theatre Jan. 14, 16, and 19 If there was ever a time for a Week End revival, it’s our wearily recessionary, Occupied era. This vivid restored print of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967 era-ender can beam out ove By Lee Gardner 1/11/2012
<em>Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy</em>

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Film: The director of Let the Right One In does John le Carré’s spy classic right By Michael Gallucci 1/4/2012
<em>War Horse</em>

War Horse

Film: Steven Spielberg’s PG-13 battle action offsets boy-and-his-steed sap By Laura Dattaro 12/21/2011
<em>We Bought a Zoo</em>

We Bought a Zoo

Film: Even a monkey in a tiny jumpsuit can’t save Cameron Crowe’s latest By Erin Gleeson 12/21/2011
<em>The Artist</em>

The Artist

Be prepared to be surprised and delighted 12/21/2011
<em>Bobby Fischer Against the World</em>

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Film: Virtually every American and billions around the planet knew his name By Lee Gardner 12/21/2011
<em>Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone</em>

Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone

Film: A solid documentary gets inside Fishbone’s extraordinary career By Lee Gardner 12/14/2011


Film: Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender reunite for this sex addiction story By Erin Gleeson 12/14/2011
<em>The Future</em>

The Future

Film: The real make-or-break point for The Future comes early By Lee Gardner 12/14/2011
<em>Young Adult</em>

Young Adult

Film: After her divorce, writer Mavis Gary retuns home to small-town Minnesota. By Joe MacLeod 12/14/2011
<em>World on a Wire</em>

World on a Wire

Film: A lost Fassbinder sci-fi film returns to the screen, here in the future where it belongs By Lee Gardner 12/7/2011


Film: A focus on aimless urban twentysomethings By Lee Gardner 12/7/2011


Film: Scorsese’s first children’s adventure comes from his own inner child By Justin Strout 11/23/2011


Film: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Kirsten Dunst feels like crap By Lee Gardner 11/23/2011
<em>The Descendants </em>

The Descendants

Film: Alexander Payne returns, seven years after Sideways, with his best film yet By Justin Strout 11/23/2011
<em>My Week with Marilyn </em>

My Week with Marilyn

Film: Michelle Williams leaves everyone else, even the film itself, in her dust as Marilyn Monroe By Justin Strout 11/23/2011
<em>The Leopard</em>

The Leopard

Film: Set in Sicily in the 1860s, Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard tells the story of Prince Don Fabrizio Salina (Burt Lancaster) and his slow decline in power. By Erin Gleeson 11/23/2011
<em>Being Elmo</em>

Being Elmo

Film: Elmo is so full of personality that it’s easy to forget he’s actually a puppet By Laura Dattaro 11/16/2011
Ross McElwee Bridges a Generation Gap In <em>Photographic Memory</em>

Ross McElwee Bridges a Generation Gap In Photographic Memory

Film: Ross McElwee bridges a new generation gap on camera By Lee Gardner 11/16/2011
<em>Putty Hill/Hamilton</em>

Putty Hill/Hamilton

Film: Matt Porterfield’s portraits of his Baltimore hometown hit home video By Lee Gardner 11/9/2011
<em>Martha Marcy May Marlene </em>

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Film: Two new talents with a similarly gifted up-and-coming cast have crafted a film that shows the careful restraint and artistic clarity not often seen in newcomers By Laura Dattaro 11/2/2011
<em>The Skin I Live In </em>

The Skin I Live In

Film: Pedro Almodóvar’s latest isn’t as good as it looks By Lee Gardner 11/2/2011
<em>The Son of No One </em>

The Son of No One

Film: It should come as no surprise to any fans of writer/director Dito Montiel (Fighting, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints) that his latest movie stars Channing Tatum. Montiel has an affinity for cas By Danielle Ariano 11/2/2011
<em>A Serbian Film</em>

A Serbian Film

Film: Porn, a child’s exposure to porn, explicit sex, physical abuse and degradation, explicit sex in front of a child, pedophilia, forced drug use, rape, murder, necrophilia, more physical abuse and degradation By Lee Gardner 11/2/2011
<em>All’s Faire in Love</em>

All’s Faire in Love

Film: Christina Ricci flees a job interview to spend her summer working at the Renaissance Fair. By Laura Dattaro 10/28/2011
<em>City of Life and Death</em>

City of Life and Death

Film: The Japanese Imperial Army does carry at least one mid-20th-century mass atrocity on its ledger. By Lee Gardner 10/26/2011
<em>Margin Call</em>

Margin Call

Film: If you prefer films where the plot is clearly explained, and you can really care about the characters, Margin Call may not be for you. By Anna Ditkoff 10/26/2011
<em>Take Shelter</em>

Take Shelter

Film: When you think you have the extraordinary Jeff Nichols film all figured out, it proves you wrong. And then it does it again By Lee Gardner 10/26/2011
Korean director Lee Chang-dong gets major drama from thwarted lives

Korean director Lee Chang-dong gets major drama from thwarted lives

Film: South Korea boasts the most interesting film scene in the world right now, and part of the reason it’s so interesting is that, on the surface, it’s not that interesting. By By Lee Gardner 10/19/2011
<em>Videodrome </em>


Film: David Cronenberg’s breakout is as disturbing now as it was nearly 30 media-saturated years ago By Lee Gardner 10/19/2011
If You Think Watching Chris LaMartina’s Low-Budget Horror Films Is Unnerving, Try Making One

If You Think Watching Chris LaMartina’s Low-Budget Horror Films Is Unnerving, Try Making One

Film: Comically grotesque low-budget horror, courtesy local writer/director Chris LaMartina. By Lee Gardner 10/12/2011


Film: Gus Van Sant directs a precociously quirky romantic comedy about death By Lee Gardner 10/12/2011
<em>Brighton Rock</em>

Brighton Rock

Film: A new adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel of teen violence does it few favors By Lee Gardner 10/5/2011
<em>Higher Ground</em>

Higher Ground

Film: Vera Farmiga’s directing debut is as intriguing as her acting and unconventional good looks. By Wendy Ward 10/5/2011
<em>Thunder Soul</em>

Thunder Soul

Film: Thunder Soul is a joyous, touching, and inspiring documentary about the 2008 35th-year reunion of the Kashmere High School Stage Band of Houston, Texas. By Joe MacLeod 10/5/2011
<em>Mozart’s Sister </em>

Mozart’s Sister

Film: A female musical prodigy struggles against 18th-century sexism in uneven biopic By Lee Gardner 9/28/2011


Film: Concise editing, strategic momentum, and masterfully performed fight dances, while never letting the audience forget why this is happening. By Justin Strout 9/14/2011


Film: This is no event thriller or disaster movie. It’s a meticulous doomsday scenario imagined by someone with a seeming need to visualize the worst as a salve to his anxiety. By Justin Strout 9/14/2011


Film: It rolls like an homage to contemporary urban noir, a cross between early Michael Mann and Grand Theft Auto. By Lee Gardner 9/14/2011
To Live and Die in L.A.

To Live and Die in L.A.

Film: Danish cult director Nicolas Winding Refn goes Hollywood (sort of) with Drive By Lee Gardner 9/14/2011
Oliver Schmitz

Oliver Schmitz

Film: The director of Life, Above All discusses AIDS, silence, and other weighty topics By Andrea Appleton 9/7/2011
<em>The Debt</em>

The Debt

Film: Helen Mirren probably isn’t the first star who comes to mind when one thinks of thrillers about krav maga-trained Israeli secret agents, but then Mirren has made her living as an actress defying expectations. By Anna Ditkoff 9/7/2011


Film: Norwegian monster flick falls into "found footage" conventions, but has fun along the way. By Lee Gardner 8/31/2011
Paul Rudd indie comedy <em>Our Idiot Brother</em> won’t leave well enough alone

Paul Rudd indie comedy Our Idiot Brother won’t leave well enough alone

Film: The film does not entirely work, though it’s not for lack of ability or desire. By Justin Strout 8/24/2011
<em>Cul-de-sac </em>


Home Video: Two wounded gangsters fleeing a botched job seek refuge in the home of a not-quite-happily married couple—it’s the sort of setup that has fueled any number of rote thrillers over the years. By Lee Gardner 8/24/2011
<em>The Whistleblower</em>

The Whistleblower

Film: You will not really enjoy The Whistleblower, and you will feel bad about not enjoying it. By Lee Gardner 8/17/2011
<em>Gasland</em> director Josh Fox talks fracking, chemicals, cancer, and lies

Gasland director Josh Fox talks fracking, chemicals, cancer, and lies

Film: Anti-fracking film screens at the Creative Alliance Aug. 18 By Andrea Appleton 8/17/2011
<em>The Guard </em>

The Guard

Film: Brendan Gleeson stars in a buddy-cop flick that subverts buddy-cop cliches By Michael Byrne 8/17/2011
<em>Another Earth</em>

Another Earth

Film: Another Earth Directed by Mike Cahill Movies can’t just blow your mind with zooming X-wings anymore. They need to blow it on a completely different level, with a totally mind-fucking story to go along with all the fancy CGI effects (cf., The Matri By Michael Gallucci 8/17/2011
<em>Fright Night</em>

Fright Night

Film: Fright Night Directed by Craig Gillespie Opens Aug. 19 Hollywood’s been stuck in the grip of redo/reboot/lets-bring-back-___ mania for more than a decade now. Often, these kinda deals miss the point or just Xerox their predecessor (lookin’ at you, By Max Robinson 8/17/2011
<em>Final Destination 5</em>

Final Destination 5

Film: By Jessica Manzo 8/17/2011
<em>The Help </em>

The Help

Film: A film about the relationships between black housekeepers and the white women they worked for in the South during the 1960s. By Wendy Ward 8/10/2011
With A Little Help From Their Friends

With A Little Help From Their Friends

Film: Director Tate Taylor and actress Octavia Spencer talk about The Help By Wendy Ward 8/10/2011
<em>Cold Weather </em>

Cold Weather

Home Video: As Cold Weather begins, Doug has moved back home to Portland, and in with his sister Gail. By Lee Gardner 8/10/2011
<em>Rise of the Planet of the Apes </em>

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Film: This prequel starts at the very beginning, when a lab chimp injected with a serum to cure Alzheimer’s gives birth to Caesar. By Michael Gallucci 8/10/2011
<em>Project Nim </em>

Project Nim

Film: A documentary about an ape sheds light on human nature By Andrea Appleton 8/10/2011
<em>Crazy, Stupid, Love.</em>

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Film: Funny, deep Crazy, Stupid, Love, is about a marriage that’s fallen apart, but other people and their stories connect. By Wendy Ward 8/3/2011
<em>Cowboys & Aliens</em>

Cowboys & Aliens

Film: You don’t have to think, just let it happen. By Joe MacLeod 8/3/2011


Film: Errol Morris has some fun with the sex-stoked case of the “manacled Mormon” By Lee Gardner 8/3/2011
Stake Land

Stake Land

Home Video: Yes, there are vampires, but not the garden-variety sexy teens or swellegant Euros. By Lee Gardner 8/3/2011
<em>Sarah’s Key</em>

Sarah’s Key

Film: Wrenching story of the Holocaust in France filtered through a contemporary domestic drama By Wendy Ward 7/27/2011
<em>Captain America: The First Avenger  </em>

Captain America: The First Avenger

Film: This is the latest comic-book movie about a guy who gets made into some sort of super soldier. By Joe MacLeod 7/27/2011
<em>The Sacrifice </em>

The Sacrifice

Home Video: Though it seems like a bad dream now, it wasn’t so long ago that people lived with the knowledge/belief that nuclear war and the end of the world could happen any day. By Lee Gardner 7/27/2011
Fluff Buddies

Fluff Buddies

Film: A fun, if forgettable, take on the usual romcom tropes By Emily Schiller 7/20/2011
<em>Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 </em>

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Film: Get ready for the best movie in the series and a spectacular finale to this magical universe. By Michael Gallucci 7/20/2011
<em>Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives </em>

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

DVD: This film focuses on the final days of a Uncle as he retreats to the Thai countryside and dies of kidney failure. By Lee Gardner 7/20/2011
<em>13 Assassins </em>

13 Assassins

DVD: Takashi Miike reaches back to chanbara, the venerable samurai film genre to the surprise and delight of many Miike watchers. By Lee Gardner 7/13/2011
<em>A Better Life </em>

A Better Life

Film: A Mexican-American version of the classic 1948 Italian neorealist film Bicycle Thieves could not have come at a more appropriate time. By Kiko Martínez 7/13/2011
<em>The Big Uneasy </em>

The Big Uneasy

Film: Harry Shearer’s new doc indicts the Army Corps of Engineers for the post-Katrina flooding of New Orleans By Lee Gardner 7/13/2011
<em>Transformers: Dark of the Moon</em>

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Film: Dark of the Moon follows the series’ trusty protagonist Sam Witwicky as he tries to enter the job market with nothing but a college degree and a medal from President Obama. By Justin Strout 7/6/2011
<em>Horrible Bosses </em>

Horrible Bosses

Film: Maybe the director wasn’t ready for the job By Wendy Ward 7/6/2011
<em>Horrible Bosses</em> junket press conference, June 25, New York

Horrible Bosses junket press conference, June 25, New York

Film: Sudeikis, Bateman, and Day play three abused employees looking to kill their three terrible bosses. By Wendy Ward 7/6/2011
<em>Tetsuo: The Bullet Man</em>

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

Film: Bullet Man splits the difference between the incoherence of Z-horror and the aesthetic rigor and surrealism of the avant-garde. By Lee Gardner 7/6/2011
<em>Page One: Inside </em>the New York Times

Page One: Inside the New York Times

Film: Documentary finds America’s foremost daily paper struggling with the future—and itself By Bret McCabe 6/29/2011
<em>Bad Teacher </em>

Bad Teacher

Film: injected with over-the-top gags, and workplace comedy penned by authors of episodes of The Office. The array of amusing characters may seem oddly familiar. By Jenn Ladd 6/29/2011
<em>Cars 2 </em>

Cars 2

Film: Lightning McQueen returns home to spend some time with his best friend Mater and his girlfriend. But his R&R is cut short when he accepts a challenge from cocky race car Francesco Bernoulli By Ben Gifford 6/29/2011
<em>Tony and Janina’s American Wedding </em>

Tony and Janina’s American Wedding

Film: A new documentary film examines U.S. immigration policy through one family’s fractured life By Andrea Appleton 6/22/2011
<em>Buck </em>


Film: The warm-and-fuzzies emitted by this documentary send one out of the theater and into the balmy summer night satisfied and buoyant. By Jenn Ladd 6/22/2011
<em>Beginners </em>


Film: In the relationship drama Beginners, retired museum director Hal (Christopher Plummer) decides that his 75th year is the perfect opportunity to tell his son that he’s gay. By Michael Gallucci 6/22/2011
<em>Mr. Popper’s Penguins </em>

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Film: A successful real estate developer who lives for business hours and the big score. inherits a penguin from his late explorer father. By Michael Gallucci 6/22/2011
<em>Green Lantern </em>

Green Lantern

Film: A hotshot test pilot is given a magic ring by the police of the universe. By Joe MacLeod 6/22/2011
<em>The Housemaid</em>

The Housemaid

DVD: Eun-yi (Jeon Do-youn) is young, attractive, struggling, and in need of a job. By Lee Gardner 6/22/2011
<em>Super 8 </em>

Super 8

Film: This is a fun summer-blockbuster kind of movie set in the late 1970s/early ‘80s, and it looks and behaves like a Steven Spielberg movie. By Joe MacLeod 6/15/2011


DVD: German auteur looks at the universe and sees beauty, mystery, terror, and awe. By Lee Gardner 6/15/2011
Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade

Film: Getting down with Submarine’s captain By Wendy Ward 6/15/2011
<em>Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer </em>

Judy Moody And The Not Bummer Summer

Film: Judy Moody (Jordana Beatty) is a restless redheaded third-grader determined to have the best summer ever. By Jeff Niesel 6/15/2011
<em>Submarine </em>


Film: Submarine is a lovely little meditation on being a teen. Nothing at all wrong with it, but it feels a bit underwhelming. By Wendy Ward 6/15/2011
The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By

Film: Highmore faces an issue this time that’s much bigger than himself and even the movie: the meaning of life. By Courtney Kerrigan 6/15/2011


DVD: Thomas Dekker plays 18-year-old Smith, a skinny bi college student struggling with his feelings By Lee Gardner 6/8/2011
<em>The First Grader</em>

The First Grader

Film: Based on real events, this heartwarming, well-intentioned movie is engaging and evocative. By Corey Hall 6/8/2011
<em>X-Men: First Class</em>

X-Men: First Class

Film: Our latest attraction in the Summer of Comic Book movies is a Prequel, Reboot—hey, let’s call it a Preboot, OK? By Joe MacLeod 6/8/2011
<em>Midnight In Paris</em>

Midnight In Paris

Film: it’s a pretty typical Allen foray into imaginative entertainment By Bret McCabe 6/8/2011
<em>The Tree of Life</em>

The Tree of Life

Film: Terrence Malick's personal epic dazzles and confounds By Bret McCabe 6/8/2011
Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve

Film: The Incendies writer/director talks landing a dream project and getting more than he bargained for By Bret McCabe 6/1/2011
<em>Men of a Certain Age</em>

Men of a Certain Age

Television: Men of a Certain Age Returns June 1 on TNT By Wendy Ward 6/1/2011
<em>American: The Bill Hicks Story</em>

American: The Bill Hicks Story

DVD: When pancreatic cancer took the life of Bill Hicks in 1994, he was beloved by a core fan base and adored in the UK. By Bret McCabe 6/1/2011


Film: Her entire world changes in one drawn breath. By Bret McCabe 6/1/2011
<em>The Hangover Part II</em>

The Hangover Part II

Film: By Michael Gallucci 6/1/2011
<em>Kung Fu Panda 2 </em>

Kung Fu Panda 2

Film: Animated sequel actually delivers the martial-arts flick goods 5/25/2011
<em>Queen to Play </em>

Queen to Play

Film: Writer/director Caroline Bottaro’s feature debut offers Sandrine Bonnaire a chance to strut her considerable acting stuff in this lighthearted but smart tale. By Bret McCabe 5/25/2011
<em>The Double Hour </em>

The Double Hour

Film: One look at Guido lets you know he’s seen more than he wishes he has in this life already. By Bret McCabe 5/25/2011
<em>Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides</em>

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Film: The story this time has to do with the Fountain of Youth and all the different pirates, including Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard looking for it. By Michael Galluci 5/25/2011
<em>I Saw the Devil </em>

I Saw the Devil

DVD: The world needs another serial-killer movie like it needs another hit-man-out-for-one-last-job movie. By Lee Gardner 5/25/2011
<em>Red White and Blue</em>

Red White and Blue

DVD: Most slasher-revenge-type movies can barely aspire to this kind of nuance, or this kind of dread. By Michael Byrne 5/25/2011
<em>The Beaver</em>

The Beaver

Film: The Beaver is a movie studio’s worst nightmare. By Michael Galluci 5/18/2011


Film: Bridesmaids is not a rom com (thank fucking God). By Wendy Ward 5/18/2011


Film: You don’t have to have carried a lifelong torch for French cinema to appreciate François Ozon, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. By Bret McCabe 5/18/2011
<em>Meek’s Cutoff</em>

Meek’s Cutoff

Film: Manifest destiny sounds like overburdened old wooden furniture. By Bret McCabe 5/18/2011
<em>POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold </em>

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Film: Part marketing dissection, part marketing lesson. By Bret McCabe 5/11/2011


Film: Entertaining, silly, and over-designed, Thor is an exercise in comic-book excess. By Jeff Meyers 5/11/2011
Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock

Film: The documentary filmmaker enters the corporate world of brand management in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold By Bret McCabe 5/11/2011
<em>Everything Must Go</em>

Everything Must Go

Film: Omnipresent funnyman Will Ferrell changes it up and goes serious as a guy who loses his job, wife, etc. By Joe MacLeod 5/11/2011
<em>In a Better World</em>

In a Better World

Film: What’s the last thing that made you feel rage? Not just rage, but powerful injustice? By Michael Byrne 5/11/2011
<em>Jumping the Broom </em>

Jumping the Broom

Film: “Jumping the Broom” refers to a romantic African-American tradition dating back to slavery. By Corey Hall 5/11/2011
<em>Something Borrowed </em>

Something Borrowed

Film: Kate Hudson in a wedding dress is what Burt Reynolds behind a steering wheel used to be. By Corey Hall 5/11/2011
<em>Three Stories of Galicia </em>

Three Stories of Galicia

Film: Documentary film excavates the 20th-century troubles of an Eastern European region By Bret McCabe 5/11/2011
<em>Eclipse Series: Basil Dearden’s  London Underground </em>

Eclipse Series: Basil Dearden’s London Underground

DVD: There seems to be no particular plot-driving reason that the silver-haired Lt. Col. Norman Hyde emerges from a grotty London manhole wearing a natty tuxedo. By Lee Gardner 5/11/2011
<em>There be Dragons</em>

There be Dragons

Film: Superfluous subplots detract from historical drama about Opus Dei’s founder By Jenn Ladd 5/4/2011


Film: Non-traditional video/film work takes over the Metro Gallery 5/4/2011
<em>Fast Five</em>

Fast Five

Film: By Milan Paurich 5/4/2011


Film: By Jeff Niesel 5/4/2011
<em>Blow Out</em>

Blow Out

DVD: Many film nerds count 1981’s Blow Out as their favorite Brian De Palma flick, and it’s not hard to see why. By Lee Gardner 5/4/2011


DVD: In the skin of a documentary, suspense can provide a potent, often humanizing, drive to nonfiction. By Jerard Fagerberg 5/4/2011
<em>Water for Elephants </em>

Water for Elephants

Film: It’s not often you win a girl over by shooting her horse, but such is the case in Water for Elephants. By Jenn Ladd 4/27/2011
<em>Winter in Wartime </em>

Winter in Wartime

Film: A coming of age tour de force. Breathtaking, heart-wrenching. A new classic. By Michael Byrne 4/27/2011
<em>A Summer in Genoa </em>

A Summer in Genoa

DVD: Sometimes at the top of spring, you need a slice of European life. A Summer in Genoa is such a fix. By Wendy Ward 4/20/2011
<em>Rio </em>


Film: The latest 3D CGI talking-animal movie is about a rare and pampered pet macaw named Blu from Minneapolis. By Michael Gallucci 4/20/2011
<em>Scream 4 </em>

Scream 4

Film: Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson swore that Scream 3 concluded the cleverly self-referential horror series, but, surprise, here’s another one for masked-slasher fans. By Charles Cassady Jr. 4/20/2011
<em>Your Highness </em>

Your Highness

Film: This stoner comedy—about two medieval princes on a quest to rescue a beautiful princess, featuring Danny McBride, James Franco and Zooey Deschanel. By Michael Gallucci 4/20/2011
Top Gearheads

Top Gearheads

Film: They just don’t make car chases like they did in ripe 1970s trash By Lee Gardner 4/20/2011


Film: What is it with superheroes these days? Not the Batmans and the Iron Mans or any of the iconic caped crusaders we all grew up with—the newfangled superheroes. By Michael Galluci 4/20/2011
<em>The Conspirator</em>

The Conspirator

Film: Over-attention to detail slightly bogs down ambitious historical courtroom drama By Tim Hill 4/13/2011
<em>Born to Be Wild 3D </em>

Born to Be Wild 3D

Film: In Borneo’s Tanjung Puting National Park, Biruté Mary Galdikas rescues young orangutans whose mothers have been killed and whose homes have been destroyed by loggers. By Laura Dattaro 4/13/2011
<em>Hanna </em>


Film: Joe Wright’s latest effort is a thriller with echoes of Atonement’s chilly perfection and emotional highs—and, again, featuring Saoirse Ronan, the tremendously talented young actress with the piercing blue eyes. By Wendy Ward 4/13/2011
<em>Soul Surfer </em>

Soul Surfer

Film: Teenage girls dealing with the trials of adolescence aren’t new to the big screen. Trade high school for surfing and you’ve got the opening of Soul Surfer. By Alyssa Bianco 4/13/2011
<em>Cedar Rapids</em>

Cedar Rapids

Film: A socially stunted insurance salesman is forced to attend the titular convention, schmooze it up, and vie for a Prestigious Award with the future success of his company in the balance. By Joe MacLeod 4/13/2011
<em>A Woman Like That</em>

A Woman Like That

Film: If you take nothing else away from filmmaker Ellen Weissbrod’s ingenious intermingling of her own story with a portrait of a frequently overlooked woman artist, take this: Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi was pretty much a force of nature. By Bret McCabe 4/13/2011


Film: Much less adorable and a tad less lovable is Russell Brand’s Arthur in this rather unnecessary remake By Wendy Ward 4/13/2011
Alfred Levitt

Alfred Levitt

Film: Talking with the production company that aims to put the accurate details in historical dramas By Tim Hill 4/13/2011


Film: Found Footage Fest hits town with “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” in tow By Andrea Appleton 4/6/2011
<em>Certified Copy</em>

Certified Copy

Film: Fact and fiction make odd bedfellows in Abbas Kiarostami’s riff on the Euro art flick By Bret McCabe 4/6/2011
<em>Win Win</em>

Win Win

Film: Writer/director Tom McCarthy lays claim to being that most unfashionable of entities on the American indie circuit: a dyed-in-the-wool humanist. By Milan Paurich 4/6/2011


Film: Hop is the story of two twentysomething slackers with overbearing fathers. One is a jobless human; the other is the future Easter Bunny. By Michael Gallucci 4/6/2011
<em>Jane Eyre </em>

Jane Eyre

Film: Despite the recent zombie-, sea monster-, and androidification of many classic books, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre has proven immune, perhaps because it already has something in it that goes bump in the night. By Anna Ditkoff 4/6/2011
<em>Source Code </em>

Source Code

The time-space continuum offers an eon’s worth of problems for filmmakers. How do you get from Point A to Point B without losing grasp of your whole movie? By Michael Gallucci 4/6/2011
<em>Mildred Pierce</em>

Mildred Pierce

On TV: The most curious question that keeps popping up in casual conversations about HBO’s five-episode miniseries is why. Why does this 1941 James M. Cain novel require another adaptation. By Bret McCabe 3/30/2011
The Frighteners

The Frighteners

Film: Saw’s James Wan and Leigh Whannell crank out an old-school scary movie By Lee Gardner 3/30/2011
<em>Bill Cunningham New York</em>

Bill Cunningham New York

Film: Superbly touching documentary follows one man’s life in picture taking By Bret McCabe 3/30/2011
Johns Hopkins Film Fest

Johns Hopkins Film Fest

Film: At the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus March 31-April 3 3/30/2011
<em>Insidious </em>


Film: Genre nerds can have a blast with Insidious, trainspotting the various borrowed genre staples (the big old house, the creepy attic, the eerie rocking horse) and lifts from specific classics (Poltergeist, Psycho, The Haunting, and did we mention Poltergeist?). By Lee Gardner 3/30/2011
<em>Of Gods and Men</em>

Of Gods and Men

Film: Haunting treatment of 1996 beheadings a powerfully empathetic look at belief By Michael Byrne 3/23/2011
<em>Sucker Punch </em>

Sucker Punch

Film: a Gothic rock ‘n’ roll tale of girl in peril meets sword, mentor, posse, and strength, with a flea market of bits and pieces influenced by steampunk and psychedelia. By Wendy Ward 3/23/2011
<em>Limitless </em>


Film: Pop culture has perpetuated the idea that we only use 10-20 percent of our brains. In fact, we already exert our brains’ full capacities; it’s well documented. Sorry By Jenn Ladd 3/23/2011
<em>The Lincoln Lawyer</em>

The Lincoln Lawyer

Film: Michael Connelly fans rejoice: Director Brad Furman and screenwriter John Romano capably handle the crime fiction workhorse’s 2005 novel about Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mick Haller. By Bret McCabe 3/23/2011


Film: This comedy movie is “Rated R for language including sexual references, and some drug use,” but it’s a gentle and funny “R” in the hands of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. By Joe MacLeod 3/23/2011
<em>Battle: Los Angeles </em>

Battle: Los Angeles

Film: This is a movie about Space Aliens attacking the Earth: KA-BOOM, yeah. By Joe MacLeod 3/16/2011
<em>Red Riding Hood </em>

Red Riding Hood

Film: Catherine Hardwicke's update on the fairy tale jettisons psychosexual drama in favor of cheesy CGI effects, fake exteriors, bad acting, and oafish dialogue. By Pamela Zoslov 3/16/2011
<em>Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today</em>

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today

Film: Restored 1948 documentary about Nazi war crimes remains relevant By Lee Gardner 3/16/2011
<em>Leaving </em>


DVD: A dramatic love story about a tightly wound woman whose sensual unraveling becomes her downfall. By Wendy Ward 3/16/2011
<em>The Adjustment Bureau</em>

The Adjustment Bureau

Film: The Adjustment Bureau , based on Philip K. Dick’s short story “Adjustment Team” and written/directed by George Nolfi, portends to comment on the paths of destiny and fate, of free will and choice and happiness By Laura Dattaro 3/9/2011
<em>Mars Needs Moms</em>

Mars Needs Moms

ImageMovers’ newest animated movie has its heart in the right place, and thankfully for those who dig the new fad of being given snazzy glasses upon entering the theater, its heart comes through in Disney Digital 3D. By Lauren Loeffler 3/9/2011
<em>The Last Lions</em>

The Last Lions

Film: There is no animal more emblematic of Africa than the lion, but as the prologue to Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s wildlife film notes, the number of wild lions has dropped from nearly half a million 50 years ago to less than 20,000 today. By Lee Gardner 3/9/2011
<em>Day For Night</em>

Day For Night

Film: Alphonse’s fiancée has run off with the stuntman. The young actor is heartbroken and won’t leave his hotel room. When he does, it’s in the middle of the night, he’s wearing nothing but a nightshirt, and he greets his co-stars and crew with a ribald statement of comic fact: “I need money to go to a whorehouse.” By Bret McCabe 3/9/2011
<em>Mesrine: Killer Instinct, Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1</em>

Mesrine: Killer Instinct, Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1

Film: Mesrine: Killer Instinct Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 Music Box Home Entertainment Colin Firth really swept up the awards recently for his star turn in The King’s Speech. Bully for him—no, seriously. A thoughtful role for a thoughtful actor who k By Bret McCabe 3/9/2011
Film Local

Film Local

Film: Online show Click on This aims to promote—and advocate for—the region’s dwindling film industry By Lily Newman 3/9/2011
<em>Putty Hill</em>

Putty Hill

Film: A young man, Cory, is dead from a drug overdose—and in a few days there will be a funeral followed by a wake. This is, in essence, the story of Putty Hill. By Michael Byrne 3/2/2011
Place Case

Place Case

Film: Local filmmaker Matthew Porterfield mines community through the camera’s lens By Michael Byrne 3/2/2011
<em>Rango </em>


Film: Perhaps it was only a matter of time before a studio decided to computer-animate a western. By Jenn Ladd 3/2/2011
<em>Drive Angry</em>

Drive Angry

Film: If you can’t take a movie with gore and tits and ass and mayhem and cars and shit that blows up real good and naked bitch-slapping and crude but effective dialogue and guns and bigger guns and cigarettes and ass-whuppings then stay home. By Joe MacLeod 3/2/2011
<em>Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son </em>

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Film: A big, fat, stinky adventure in sequel-milking. By Joe MacLeod 3/2/2011
<em>Cedar Rapids</em>

Cedar Rapids

Film: A socially stunted insurance salesman is forced to attend the titular convention, schmooze it up, and vie for a Prestigious Award with the future success of his company in the balance. By Joe MacLeod 3/2/2011
<em>Eyes of the Mothman </em>

Eyes of the Mothman

DVD: There is an esoteric history of America that is often dismissed as folklore and myth. Matthew Pellowski’s film explores, at length, one of these strange histories. By Jerard Fagerberg 3/2/2011
I Was Perfect

I Was Perfect

Film: City Paper's own condescending movie awards, the Alties™ By Alex Ebstein, Michael Byrne, Jerard Fagerberg, Lee Gardner, Bret McCabe, Brandon Soderberg, and Wendy Ward 2/23/2011
<em>The Illusionist</em>

The Illusionist

Film: Jacques Tati script receives a lovingly animated adaptation By Andrea Appleton 2/23/2011
Dancing for Dara

Dancing for Dara

Film: Dancing for Dara At 2640 Space Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m. Film nerds who haven’t seen Ben Coonley’s “One Trick Pony” are in for a real treat tonight. In this almost five-minute-long 2002 short, a toy pony—yes, you read that right—offers dance instructions 2/23/2011
Eva Soltes

Eva Soltes

Film: A chat with the documentarian who put composer Lou Harrison’s world onscreen By Bret McCabe 2/23/2011
<em>I Am Number Four </em>

I Am Number Four

Film: Underneath its slick surface, I Am Number Four has everything. By Justin Strout 2/23/2011


Film: There should be a cutoff for shower scenes, and Liam Neeson should abide by it. By Jenn Ladd 2/23/2011
<em>The Eagle</em>

The Eagle

Film: Somewhere around A.D. 100, the 9th Legion of the Roman army went missing in the vast territory now known as Scotland. By Michael Byrne 2/16/2011
<em>Just Go With It</em>

Just Go With It

Film: This took six writers? By Wendy Ward 2/16/2011
<em>Inspector Bellamy</em>

Inspector Bellamy

DVD: When Claude Chabrol passed away Sept. 12, 2010, he left behind one of the most prolific resumes of the French New Wave. By Bret McCabe 2/16/2011
<em>Barney’s Version</em>

Barney’s Version

Paul Giamatti anchors this loving, problematic adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s great novel By Bret McCabe 2/16/2011
Animated Oscar Shorts

Animated Oscar Shorts

Film: It’s a shame animated shorts don’t get more attention. By Laura Dattaro 2/9/2011
<em>The White Ribbon </em>

The White Ribbon

Film: Set in a small German village just before the dawn of World War I, The White Ribbon becomes broad consideration of a community choking on itself. By Michael Byrne 2/9/2011


Film: Alejandro González Iñárritu simplifies and impresses on the streets of Barcelona By Steven G. Kellman 2/9/2011
Alejandro González Iñárritu

Alejandro González Iñárritu

Film: The Biutiful director talks about love, transformation and the difficulties his movies have faced By Enrique Lopetegui 2/9/2011
<em>Tiny Furniture</em>

Tiny Furniture

Film: Tiny Furniture may be the most adorable movie ever made about people who can’t be bothered to recognize your existence. By Bret McCabe 2/9/2011


Film: “Executive Producer: James Cameron”—that should tell you plenty right there. By Lee Gardner 2/9/2011


DVD: Before he was Mr. Milla Jovovich, Paul Anderson helmed this gritty portrait of alienated urban youth. By Bret McCabe 2/9/2011
<em>On One Field</em>

On One Field

Film: Documentary follows immigrants getting to know each other during pickup soccer games By Bret McCabe 2/2/2011
<em>Eyes on the Prize</em>

Eyes on the Prize

Film: Landmark 1987 PBS documentary on civil rights finally appearing on DVD By Andrea Appleton 2/2/2011
<em>Another Year </em>

Another Year

Film: Prolific filmmaker Mike Leigh follows a couple through a year in their life together. By Wendy Ward 2/2/2011
<em>The Mechanic </em>

The Mechanic

Film: Why so serious? The main thing action flicks featuring Jason Statham have on their side is their sly sense of humor. By Jeff Meyers 2/2/2011
<em>The Company Men </em>

The Company Men

Film: Head salesman Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) had a great morning on the golf course and practically whistles while he walks into a meeting in a very quiet conference room. By Wendy Ward 2/2/2011
<em>The Rite </em>

The Rite

Film: The Rite is as much about having faith in an audience as it is about religious faith. By Michael Byrne 2/2/2011


Pascal Chaumeil’s delightful French romp, full of fabulous-looking stars and stunning landscapes, runs circles around American romantic comedies By Wendy Ward 2/2/2011
<em>Enter the Void </em>

Enter the Void

Film: Gaspar Noé dives into the afterlife By Bret McCabe 1/26/2011


Film: Sofia Coppola follows her male lead to nowhere By Bret McCabe 1/19/2011
<em>The Dilemma</em>

The Dilemma

Film: The idea here is whether or not to tell your best friend his spouse is cheating on him. Obviously we all know the answer. By Joe MacLeod 1/19/2011
<em>Blue Valentine</em>

Blue Valentine

Film: A relationship falls apart on screen--and so does the movie, a little By Bret McCabe 1/12/2011
The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet

Film: That the 1966 television adaptation of radio's beloved Green Hornet was billed as The Kato Show in Hong Kong pretty much sums up 2011's The Green Hornet. By Stephen Graham Jones 1/12/2011
<em>Rabbit Hole</em>

Rabbit Hole

Film: Rabbit Hole is a tough sell. It’s based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play, not a hit video game or comic book. By Milan Paurich 1/12/2011
<em>Season of the Witch </em>

Season of the Witch

Film: It’s not even like it’s bad enough to goof on, it’s just very not good. By Joe MacLeod 1/12/2011
<em>Soul Kitchen</em>

Soul Kitchen

DVD: Soul Kitchen Directed by Fatih Akin When this delightful German comedy opened locally last October, it was added on a Monday and didn’t give us much time to get a review into the paper. It left almost just as abruptly—which was frustrating, becaus By Bret McCabe 1/12/2011
<em>Hood to Coast </em>

Hood to Coast

Film: Long-distance relay documentary propelled by the people who run it By Laura Dattaro 1/5/2011
<em>Casino Jack</em>

Casino Jack

Film: Abramoff biopic charms, and that's all By Bret McCabe 1/5/2011
<em>The American</em>

The American

DVD: George Clooney handles this sleek but shallow Euro-actioner By Lee Gardner 1/5/2011
<em>Made in Dagenham</em>

Made in Dagenham

Film: Sally Hawkins stars in this heartstrings-pulling drama of a 1968 women’s labor strike By Wendy Ward 12/29/2010
<em>The Horde</em>

The Horde

DVD: French writers/directors Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher offer an ingenious setup for this otherwise familiar zombie flick. By Bret McCabe 12/29/2010
<em>True Grit</em>

True Grit

Film: Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers' version of classic Western feels a little lightweight By Lee Gardner 12/22/2010
<em>Tron: Legacy</em>

Tron: Legacy

Film: Not everyone is a Jedi-Nerd, so we need to explain this is a sequel to a computer animation 1.0 science-fiction movie that was made in the year 1982. By Joe MacLeod 12/22/2010
<em>The King's Speech</em>

The King's Speech

Film: There’s something about the real-life British monarchy that makes for great onscreen drama. By Michael Gallucci 12/22/2010
<em>Little Fockers</em>

Little Fockers

While this movie certainly is a big stinky turd, there are some small fragments of comedy-corn. By Joe MacLeod 12/22/2010
<em>How Do You Know</em>

How Do You Know

James L. Brooks’ latest foray into the lovelorn takes some heavy lifting to reach its heartwarming conclusion. 12/22/2010
Black Swan

Black Swan

Film: Darren Aronofsky makes Natalie Portman suffer for the ballet By Ian Grey 12/15/2010
I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

Film: Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor star in unbelievable feeling true-life story By Andrea Appleton 12/15/2010
The Fighter

The Fighter

Film: David O. Russell, Mark Wahlberg, and Christian Bale deliver a near knockout family drama By Michael Byrne 12/15/2010
All Good Things

All Good Things

Film: Strong performances from Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst don't save this ripped-from-the headlines drama By Lee Gardner 12/15/2010
The Tourist

The Tourist

Film: Surprise: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp make living fabulously beautiful and wealthy look enviable By Bret McCabe 12/15/2010
Welcome to the Rileys

Welcome to the Rileys

Film: Quiet drama offers a refreshing take on a cliched tale By Bret McCabe 12/10/2010
The Year in Television

The Year in Television

Top Ten: I watch the Hawaii Five-O remake on CBS. There, I said it. Now, don’t get me wrong—it’s awful. 12/8/2010
The Year in Film

The Year in Film

Top Ten: Though only one cracked into City Paper’s Top 10 list, 2010’s cinematic cup runneth over with top-notch documentaries—and not just the Michael Moore, Errol Morris, An Inconvenient Truth sort of zeitgeist-baiting nonfiction. Instead, smaller, more intima 12/8/2010
Being Nothingness

Being Nothingness

Film: Yimou turns the Coen brothers into a stunning void By Bret McCabe 12/8/2010
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film

DVD: Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film Lux Digital THE MOVIE: One of the many villains of Eli Roth’s gorno “classic” Hostel: Part II, Stuart, the guy that gets his genitals sliced off at the end, winds up being one By Michael Byrne 12/8/2010
Waste Land

Waste Land

Film: Lucy Walker directs a great documentary out of Vik Muniz making art out of garbage By Bret McCabe 12/3/2010
Ann Everton

Ann Everton

Film: The filmmaker on "Bill Murray Life Lessons" and other filmmaking ideas By Bret McCabe 12/1/2010
The Trip

The Trip

Film: Nicolas Winding Refn and Mads Mikkelsen take you somewhere you won't soon forget By Bret Mccabe 11/24/2010
Tulle Academy

Tulle Academy

Film: Cher and Christina deliver a bawdy, gaudy good time By Wendy Ward 11/24/2010
Zipless Schmuck

Zipless Schmuck

Jake Gyllenhaal's manwhore discovers true love in Edward Zwick's latest romantic dramedy By Rebecca Fishbein 11/24/2010
127 Hours

127 Hours

Film: Danny Boyle traps James Franco at the bottom of a canyon--and makes it cinematically exciting and excrutiating By Michael Byrne 11/19/2010
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1

Film: Potter finale leads off with a dark installment By Callie Enlow 11/19/2010
Mike White

Mike White

Film: The film writer on noir, blogs vs. zines, and the death of the VCR By Lee Gardner 11/17/2010
Life With Father

Life With Father

Film: Homeschooling gets taken to absurd extremes in this brilliant Greek dark comedy By Lee Gardner 11/10/2010
Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Film: Morning Glory Directed by Roger Michell Opens Nov. 12 Having a journalist review Morning Glory is a little like having a train conductor review Unstoppable: We’re essentially the butt of the joke. At the very least, though, screenwriter Aline Bros By Callie Enlow 11/10/2010


Film: Watching Tony Scott’s Unstoppable makes you empathize with the 1896 audience that supposedly fled their seats upon seeing a train barreling down the screen at them. By Pamela Zoslov 11/10/2010


DVD: By Bret McCabe 11/10/2010
Charles Ferguson

Charles Ferguson

Film: The Oscar-nominated director wants us to understand what really happened in the financial meltdown By Edward Ericson Jr. 11/3/2010
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet\'s Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Film: Final installment of Stig Larsson's crime saga doesn't dazzle, but is plenty satisfying By Bret McCabe 10/28/2010


Film: James Franco is way too pretty to play Allen Ginsberg, but he manages to inhabit the poet’s idiosyncratic skin By Bret McCabe 10/27/2010
Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors

Film: Alain Resnais still finds fresh inspiration in an off-center romcom By Bret McCabe 10/27/2010
There\'s a New Woody Allen Movie

There's a New Woody Allen Movie

Film: More Britishness, another psychic, a few skillful bits By Bret McCabe 10/20/2010
Pet Rock

Pet Rock

Film: Edward Norton leads accomplished actors in an actorly excercise in acting By Joe MacLeod 10/20/2010
Her Brother\'s Keeper

Her Brother's Keeper

Film: A true-life story of a woman fighting to prove her sibling's innocence By Wendy Ward 10/20/2010


Film: By Jonah Furman 9/29/2010


Film: Catfish Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman Opens Oct. 1. While much of the vast information superhighway has twisted itself into pretzel shapes of confliction, adulation, and speculation for months over David Fincher’s unflattering portr By Corey Hall 9/29/2010
Status Woes

Status Woes

Film: David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin explore the alleged story of Facebook By Laura Dattaro 9/29/2010
Going the Distance

Going the Distance

Film: The relatively lengthy running time of Going the Distance, coupled with its wearily predictable ending, gives you plenty of time to think about the relentless demands of commercial moviemaking. By Pamela Zoslov 9/1/2010
Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Film: As Martin Scorsese settles into his cinematic dotage, directors whose crime movies can stand tall beside his prime-era verve, grit, and sweep are suddenly mushrooming around the globe. By Lee Gardner 9/1/2010
David Michôd

David Michôd

Film: Q&A with the Animal Kingdom director By Lee Gardner 9/1/2010
A Midsummer\'s Night Scream

A Midsummer's Night Scream

Film: Joshua Grannell delivers up a near instant midnight-movie classic By Bret McCabe 8/25/2010


Film: Writer and director Lance Daly’s 2008 film Kisses looks a great deal like the cover of U2’s 1983 record War and feels the same too: young, angry Irish boy who has seen too much and feels more heartache than a kid should. By Wendy Ward 8/18/2010
Light Touch

Light Touch

Film: Director Aaron Schneider depends on a understated script and a stand-out cast for Get Low By Bret McCabe 8/18/2010


Film: A simple kidnapping plan turns into something else in this elemental thriller By Bret McCabe 8/11/2010

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