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Best Bar

Nightlife: Cat’s Eye Pub 9/18/2013

Best Atmosphere

Nightlife: W.C. Harlan 9/18/2013

Best Dive Bar

Nightlife: The Friendly Harford House 9/18/2013
Best Dive Bar To Make You Think It’s Still 1961

Best Dive Bar To Make You Think It’s Still 1961

Nightlife: Roman’s Place 9/18/2013

Best Gay Bar

Nightlife: Leon’s 9/18/2013

Best Backroom Bar

Nightlife: “The Secret Bar” in Charles Restaurant and Carryout 9/18/2013

Best Remington Bar That Seems Like A Remington Bar

Nightlife: 3 Miles House 9/18/2013

Best County Bar

Nightlife: Coolahan’s Pub 9/18/2013

Best Drinks Menu

Nightlife: Rye 9/18/2013

Best Bourbon Bar

Nightlife: Bartenders 9/18/2013

Best Rum Bar

Nightlife: Joe Squared 9/18/2013

Best Scotch Whisky Bar

Nightlife: Birds of a Feather 9/18/2013

Best Irish Whiskey Bar

Nightlife: The Life of Reilly 9/18/2013

Best Shot that Will Knock You on Your Ass

Nightlife: Vyritos at Mum’s 9/18/2013
Nightlife Hall of Fame

Nightlife Hall of Fame

Nightlife: Max’s Taphouse 9/18/2013

Best $35 Shot

Nightlife: 13th Floor 9/18/2013

Best Bloody Mary

Nightlife: Sláinte Irish Pub 9/18/2013

Best Cask Ale

Nightlife: Heavy Seas Beer’s Loose Cannon 9/18/2013

Best Old Fashioned

Nightlife: Red Star Bar and Grill 9/18/2013

Best Happy Hour

Nightlife: Alonso’s 9/18/2013

Best Happy Hour (county)

Nightlife: The Oregon Grille 9/18/2013

Best Social Happy Hour

Nightlife: Brews and Board Games Happy Hour 9/18/2013

Best Bartender

Nightlife: Lane Harlan at W.C. Harlan 9/18/2013

Best Daytime Bartender

Nightlife: Linda Ditzel at Zissimos 9/18/2013
Best New Bartender

Best New Bartender

Nightlife: Jeff Levy at Tavern on the Hill 9/18/2013
Best Jukebox-and-Pool Table Combo

Best Jukebox-and-Pool Table Combo

Nightlife: Butt’s and Betty’s Tavern 9/18/2013

Best Place for Aging Baby Boomers to Hook Up

Nightlife: Grand Cru 9/18/2013

Best Monday Night

Nightlife: Liam Flynn’s Ale House 9/18/2013

Best Change of Pace

Nightlife: Beatnik Bar and Restaurant 9/18/2013
Best Reason to  Think You Could  Be A Professional Mural Painter

Best Reason to Think You Could Be A Professional Mural Painter

Nightlife: David’s 1st and 10 Sports Bar 9/18/2013
Best Dance Party

Best Dance Party

Nightlife: Glitter Thighs 9/18/2013

Best Underground Venue

Nightlife: The BFF 9/18/2013

Best Nightlife Planner

Nightlife: Showspace 9/18/2013
Best New Venue

Best New Venue

Nightlife: Club K 9/18/2013

Best Karaoke

Nightlife: The Crown 9/18/2013

Best Comedy Club

Nightlife: Magooby’s Joke House 9/18/2013
Best All-Night Dance Party

Best All-Night Dance Party

Nightlife: Deep Sugar 9/18/2013