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  • Job data as flimsy as gas Has natural gas drilling been the economic game changer that industry leaders promised? Not according to the most reliable analysis. A recent study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that looked at job growth in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale found | 3/31/2014
  • Shopping We love shopping and if you think that’s shallow you can just stop judging—we don’t have to justify a little retail therapy when it comes to Baltimore. | 9/4/2013
  • Film Review: We’re the Millers We’re the Millers Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber Jennifer Aniston may walk with a tight little ass twitch in her khaki capris as a stripper-gone-housewife in the new comedy We’re the Millers, but girl has no rhythm. Millers is set in mellow Denver | 8/14/2013
  • Shopping | 10/10/2011
  • Higher Ground Vera Farmiga’s directing debut is as intriguing as her acting and unconventional good looks. | 10/5/2011
  • The Most Dangerous Thing by Laura Lippman Lippman may be living in New Orleans, but she's still keeping her stories close to home | 9/28/2011
  • Dog Bar If you missed going to Ocean City this summer, head over to Canton on your lunch break and send your diet on a vacation. | 9/7/2011
  • The Help A film about the relationships between black housekeepers and the white women they worked for in the South during the 1960s. | 8/10/2011
  • With A Little Help From Their Friends Director Tate Taylor and actress Octavia Spencer talk about The Help | 8/10/2011
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love. Funny, deep Crazy, Stupid, Love, is about a marriage that’s fallen apart, but other people and their stories connect. | 8/3/2011
  • Sarah’s Key Wrenching story of the Holocaust in France filtered through a contemporary domestic drama | 7/27/2011
  • Isabella's Brick Oven Pizza and Panini Next time you want to skip the heat of cooking but aren’t up for grilling, stop by this Italian carryout in Little Italy. | 7/27/2011
  • Horrible Bosses junket press conference, June 25, New York Sudeikis, Bateman, and Day play three abused employees looking to kill their three terrible bosses. | 7/6/2011
  • Horrible Bosses Maybe the director wasn’t ready for the job | 7/6/2011
  • Pride 2011 This year’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender festival has something for everyone | 6/15/2011
  • Richard Ayoade Getting down with Submarine’s captain | 6/15/2011
  • Submarine Submarine is a lovely little meditation on being a teen. Nothing at all wrong with it, but it feels a bit underwhelming. | 6/15/2011
  • Men of a Certain Age Men of a Certain Age Returns June 1 on TNT | 6/1/2011
  • Bridesmaids Bridesmaids is not a rom com (thank fucking God). | 5/18/2011
  • Zeke’s Coffee Shop | 5/4/2011
  • The Four Ms. Bradwells Fiction by Meg Waite Clayton | 4/20/2011
  • A Summer in Genoa Sometimes at the top of spring, you need a slice of European life. A Summer in Genoa is such a fix. | 4/20/2011
  • Say Her Name Fiction by Francisco Goldman | 4/13/2011
  • Hanna Joe Wright’s latest effort is a thriller with echoes of Atonement’s chilly perfection and emotional highs—and, again, featuring Saoirse Ronan, the tremendously talented young actress with the piercing blue eyes. | 4/13/2011
  • Arthur Much less adorable and a tad less lovable is Russell Brand’s Arthur in this rather unnecessary remake | 4/13/2011
  • Sucker Punch a Gothic rock ‘n’ roll tale of girl in peril meets sword, mentor, posse, and strength, with a flea market of bits and pieces influenced by steampunk and psychedelia. | 3/23/2011
  • Leaving A dramatic love story about a tightly wound woman whose sensual unraveling becomes her downfall. | 3/16/2011
  • Night of the Cookers Carry-out This takeout lunch spot next door to the on-again, off-again (now off) nightclub and restaurant of the same name offers spicy soul food like your momma made if your momma had never heard of the word “diet.” | 3/16/2011
  • The Good Daughter: A Memoir of My Mother’s Hidden Life Memoir by Jasmin Darznik | 3/16/2011
  • I Was Perfect City Paper's own condescending movie awards, the Alties™ | 2/23/2011
  • Just Go With It This took six writers? | 2/16/2011
  • The World Beneath Fiction by Cate Kennedy | 2/9/2011
  • Q&A: John Wells The writer/director of The Company Men talks about male identity loss in these uncertain times | 2/4/2011
  • Another Year Prolific filmmaker Mike Leigh follows a couple through a year in their life together. | 2/2/2011
  • The Company Men Head salesman Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) had a great morning on the golf course and practically whistles while he walks into a meeting in a very quiet conference room. | 2/2/2011
  • Heartbreaker Pascal Chaumeil’s delightful French romp, full of fabulous-looking stars and stunning landscapes, runs circles around American romantic comedies | 2/2/2011
  • Cheezy's Pizza and Subs 1637 E. Joppa Road, Towson, (410) 337-4992, | 1/26/2011
  • Made in Dagenham Sally Hawkins stars in this heartstrings-pulling drama of a 1968 women’s labor strike | 12/29/2010
  • Black Swan Another look at Darren Aronofsky's provocative new thriller | 12/22/2010
  • A Peppermint Patty Christmas The Strand Theater offers a peak inside one dysfunctional family's holiday circus | 12/15/2010
  • Tulle Academy Cher and Christina deliver a bawdy, gaudy good time | 11/24/2010
  • Due Date Todd Phillips' latest grown-men-acting-foolish comedy surprisingly touching | 11/5/2010
  • Her Brother's Keeper A true-life story of a woman fighting to prove her sibling's innocence | 10/20/2010
  • Falls Road Carryout and Delivery 4100 Falls Road, (410) 243-5939 | 10/6/2010
  • Life As We Know It Leads make this otherwise trite rom-com mildly entertaining | 10/8/2010
  • It's Kind of a Funny Story Zach Galifianakis may break your heart in this coming-of-age story, proving that there’s no one as tragic as a comic. | 10/6/2010
  • Kate Bernheimer: Horse, Flower, Bird Grimm’s fairy tales are, well, grim. Reading them after a childhood of being fooled by story books and Disney movies is a bit shocking and totally wild. | 9/8/2010
  • Natalie Standiford: Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters The Sweet Valley High twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield wouldn’t survive a day in Baltimore, no doubt, but not for the reasons you might suspect. | 9/8/2010
  • Laura Lippman: I'd Know You Anywhere I’d Know You Anywhere By Laura Lippman William Morrow, Hardback Local author Laura Lippman has spent the past 13 years exploring her reporter-turned-investigator Tess Monaghan creation—from her 1997 debut Baltimore Blues through 2008’s Another T | 9/1/2010
  • Kristin Hersh: Rat Girl: A Memoir Coming up in the 1980s and into a certain level of success in the ’90s, the Rhode Island band Throwing Muses has always been a tribe. | 8/25/2010
  • Kisses Writer and director Lance Daly’s 2008 film Kisses looks a great deal like the cover of U2’s 1983 record War and feels the same too: young, angry Irish boy who has seen too much and feels more heartache than a kid should. | 8/18/2010
  • Eat Pray Love Julia Roberts radiant in picturesque adaptation of the best-selling memoir | 8/13/2010
  • Stuggy's What Stuggy’s offers isn’t gourmet or classic as much as the best hot dogs you’d serve yourself if you had the time and creativity. | 8/11/2010

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