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  • Annual Events No matter the time of year, there’s always something special going down. | 10/10/2012
  • Tourist Attractions We present to you a list of things to Get in on. Sights and attractions, historic destinations and places to enjoy watching fish, animals and the great outdoors. | 10/10/2012
  • Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to travel A fun jaunt through fashion editor Diana Vreeland's life | 10/17/2012
  • Detropia Documentary ponders the decay and future of Detroit | 10/17/2012
  • The Giant Mechanical Man Janice and Tim’s relationship is adorable and refreshingly real | 10/10/2012
  • Liberal Arts Two years after Happythankyoumoreplease, Radnor continues his study of not-quite-grown-ups | 10/3/2012
  • Chicken with Plums Marjane Satrapi talks about the many facets of her latest film | 10/3/2012
  • Ethel Filmmaker Rory Kennedy gets personal for the first—and last—time | 9/26/2012
  • Arbitrage Director Nicholas Jarecki’s thriller moves with precision | 9/11/2012
  • Home Movies Spike Lee returns to his chronicles of Brooklyn, but proves he’s at home in any film | 8/29/2012
  • The Circus Animals A group of friends get swept up in their love of moviemaking | 8/29/2012
  • Searching for Sugar Man Tells the sort of story that just might be impossible in this closely connected modern world | 8/22/2012
  • Celeste and Jesse Forever Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg play a couple struggling to remain best friends despite their divorce | 8/22/2012
  • American Pizza and Wings | 8/22/2012
  • Miranda July: It Chooses You Miranda July’s writer’s block leads to obsession | 8/15/2012
  • Following Sarah Four young girls must deal with the mysterious death of a classmate | 8/8/2012
  • Seeing Red Local burlesque group Gilded Lily talks waving eyelashes and what gets them through the workday | 8/8/2012
  • Candid Camera Omar Broadway’s unauthorized look at prison life offers a new perspective | 8/8/2012
  • Queen of Versailles Lauren Greenfield’s documentary has all its pieces in place | 7/31/2012
  • 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' is both highly personal and massive in scope Vegan aspiring photographers beware: Film is actually made of once-living material—mashed-up bone, flattened, and rolled up in strips. | 7/25/2012
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild Director Benh Zeitlin’s first feature is somehow both highly personal and massive in scope | 7/11/2012
  • Benh Zeitlin Citypaper talks with writer/director about his first feature | 7/11/2012
  • They Live A drifter discovers a pair of sunglasses that allow him to wake up to the fact that aliens have taken over the Earth. | 7/11/2012
  • To Rome with Love Woody Allen’s love letter to the city of Rome could use some editing | 7/4/2012
  • Mc-N-Mc Pit We recommend going with regular french fries | 7/4/2012
  • Your Sister’s Sister Writer/director Lynn Shelton’s latest film veers away from the script and forges its own path | 6/27/2012
  • How to Live Forever Results May Vary | 6/20/2012
  • Fresh and Clean Cuisine Well suited for a windy, rainy day or for sitting out back in the summer swelter with a cold beer. | 6/20/2012
  • Hysteria In the 1880s, middle-class women everywhere suffered from an overactive uterus, or so said Dr. Dalrymple | 5/30/2012
  • Marley Documentarian Kevin Macdonald gives viewers too much of a good thing: Bob Marley | 5/23/2012
  • Norwegian Wood An unexpected tragedy rips this trio apart | 5/23/2012
  • Sound of My Voice Director Zal Batmanglij guides viewers into a sinister cult world | 5/9/2012
  • Kei Miller: The Last Warner Woman The fictional tale of a Jamaican Cassandra impresses on many levels | 5/2/2012
  • A father and son duke it out in 'Footnote' Two men sit side-by-side in the front row of a throng of people, listening to the introduction of one Professor Shkolnik, who is being accepted into the... | 4/25/2012
  • Yama Sushi Bar Squeezed among other unassuming establishments, this treasure waits to surprise customers | 4/25/2012
  • Bully New doc offers a compelling look at bullying, if not the whole story | 4/11/2012
  • Reasons To Be Pretty MICA students create an entertaining production out of a flawed play | 4/11/2012
  • Johns Hopkins Film Festival We’ve heard many tech-savvy, HD-embracing folks swear that digital video is meeting—if not surpassing—the quality of film | 4/4/2012
  • Footnote A father and son duke it out in academe in Joseph Cedar’s tragicomedy | 3/28/2012
  • Agnieszka Holland No stranger to Hollywood she returns to her home country of Poland. | 3/21/2012
  • In Darkness Agnieszka Holland returns with a Holocaust story set in the sewers of a Polish city | 3/21/2012
  • The Addams Family The maestros of the macabre get a ho-hum portrayal at the Hippodrome | 3/14/2012
  • Larry Witham: Art Schooled A journalist crafts an indispensable primer about life at the Maryland Institute College of Art | 2/29/2012
  • Declaration of War A real-life couple mess up the story of their own real-life tragedy | 2/22/2012
  • Yellowman Powerful production navigates the racial divides within an African-American community | 2/22/2012
  • Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure A new doc tells the story of two twentysomethings who live next door to a pair of screaming drunks and decide to tape them | 2/1/2012
  • Fifty Words A story filled with dramatic changes. one moment, the couple embraces, only to be flung apart again | 1/25/2012
  • Julia Flynn Siler: Lost Kingdom A new book tells Hawaii’s fascinating story, from primordial lava flow to monarchy to statehood | 1/11/2012
  • On the Sunny Side of the Street A straightforward show saluting a prolific songwriter charms like her work | 12/28/2011
  • We Bought a Zoo Even a monkey in a tiny jumpsuit can’t save Cameron Crowe’s latest | 12/21/2011
  • Shame Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender reunite for this sex addiction story | 12/14/2011
  • The Lion King A dazzling puppet-filled spectacle hits the Hippodrome | 12/14/2011
  • The Leopard Set in Sicily in the 1860s, Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard tells the story of Prince Don Fabrizio Salina (Burt Lancaster) and his slow decline in power. | 11/23/2011

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