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Appleton, Andrea

Barry, John

Byrne, Michael

Cohen, Charles

Cummings, Raymond

Ditkoff, Anna

Ebstein, Alex

Ericson Jr., Edward

Foster, Lionel

Gardner, Lee

Gienow, Michelle

Hill, Tim

Himes, Geoffrey

Hong, Henry

Johnson, Martin L.

Laing, Laura

MacLeod, Joe

McCabe, Bret

Morton, Brian

Shipley, Al

Smith, Van

Ward, Wendy

Williams, Vincent

Zajac, Mary K.


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  • The Bolesta Letter Before passing away on Aug. 19, former Baltimore Police Col. Joseph Robert "Bob" Bolesta Jr. wrote a letter addressing some of the arguments Hal Riedl explored in an early draft of his story on repeat offender Will Featherstone | 10/12/2010

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