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Current Stories
  • Springtime for Wye Oak Two years after their breakthrough album, the local duo is back from the brink with a new sound and a new attitude | 4/23/2014
  • Bird Power With a flurry of late signings, the Orioles are poised to do something special in 2014 | 3/26/2014
  • Homeslyce The Mount Vernon pizza restaurant-bar combo might have one of the best under-the-radar happy hours out there | 3/19/2014
  • Film Review: Batman Simply remaking great art doesn’t necessarily lead to an equally great result. | 2/26/2014
  • Big in Baltimore Local stalwarts stumbled upon new project | 1/29/2014
  • Film Review: The Last Detail The Last Detail plays out like The Hangover in Dixie-cup hats and Navy blues | 1/22/2014
  • De Kleine Duivel A Belgian beer bar opens in Hampden | 1/1/2014
  • Art Donovan 1925 - 2013 | 12/25/2013
  • Johnny Marr, Superstar The legendary Smiths guitarist on his first solo album, his approach to songwriting, and which of his songs he’d want to survive an apocalypse | 11/13/2013
  • Globe-Trotting at World of Beer What World of Beer lacks in Baltimore corner-bar charm, it makes up for with great selection and exemplary service. | 11/6/2013
  • Film Review: The Godfather The Godfather Directed by Francis Ford Coppola Plays at the Charles Theatre Nov. 9 at 11 a.m., Nov. 11 at 7 p.m., and Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. Moviegoers of 2013 are as familiar with the caricature of Al Pacino as with the actor himself: the token verbose, bl | 11/6/2013
  • Vile is as Vile Does Philly’s Kurt Vile on writing about his life, making a living, and keeping up with Guided by Voices | 10/23/2013
  • Film Review: 2001: A Space Odyssey Kubrick’s incongruous 1968 sci-fi opus | 10/9/2013
  • The Music Scene It’s been five years since Rolling Stone crowned Baltimore the best music scene in America. Since then, plenty of bands have gotten more national press, others have broken up, and many more have formed. | 9/4/2013
  • No Age Against the Machine L.A. noise rockers go minimal | 9/4/2013
  • Film Review: Prince Avalanche Paul Rudd plays a more grown up bro, but can’t save a film with spotty pacing and bad writing | 8/7/2013
  • Wild Pitch Camden Yards DJ sneaks in gems by the Smiths, Translator, and the Jesus and Mary Chain | 7/31/2013
  • Film Review: Dirty Wars The destructive actions of the U.S. only serve to create new terrorists for American soldiers to hunt down and eliminate | 6/26/2013
  • Theater of Pain John Grant’s dream of a renovated Parkway Theatre is coming true—so why is he so unhappy about it? | 7/3/2013
  • If We Shout Loud Enough Directed by Gabriel DeLoach and Zach Keifer | 5/8/2013
  • Bar Arcade Bar Arcade still has some work to do before it reaches the next level. | 5/1/2013
  • Rock Since the Bee gees What’s up with indie rock | 5/1/2013
  • The Retirement of Double Dagger Baltimore’s post-punk heroes hang up the glyph and launch new musical adventures | 4/24/2013
  • The City That Drinks A Lax Dive | 4/3/2013
  • Age 30: Andrew Syropoulos Rooting for the Good Guys | 3/20/2013
  • Scaling New Heights For much-hyped Secret Mountains, debut LP is a reward unto itself | 3/6/2013
  • Mind over Music Matmos harnesses telepathic powers to create absorbing new album | 2/13/2013
  • City That Drinks W.C. Harlan | 2/13/2013
  • Die Hard Here’s why the movie is amazing. | 1/30/2013
  • Hammerfest Store owner who brought underground music to the ’burbs to be honored at three-day festival | 1/30/2013
  • Special K New venue straddles line between above board and underground | 1/16/2013
  • Beyond Ruin Porn James Singewald attempts to document history through Baltimore’s abandoned buildings | 1/2/2013
  • Video Haven Baltimore Video Collective, hopes to start an easily accessible nonprofit video library in the city | 11/28/2012
  • Strangers on a Train Everybody has secret urges and desires, some of them dark and, perhaps, violent. | 11/21/2012
  • Barroom Baryshnikov Local bartender had illustrious career in ballet | 8/22/2012
  • Solar Powered A new dance uses the sun to explore human movement | 6/27/2012
  • Lower Dens Baltimore’s latest indie-rock hopefuls made the most of their big break and it almost broke them | 4/25/2012
  • Guilty As Charged Lands and Peoples “sneak the weird into the candy” on their long-awaited debut | 4/4/2012
  • Riding the Snake Baltimore polymath Ed Schrader goes all in for music, to expectedly unexpected results | 3/14/2012
  • Future Islands A rising Baltimore band takes success personally | 11/2/2011
  • Baltimore punk favorite Double Dagger goes out on a high note They did it with what they call "punk brains," a mixture of do-it-yourself, never conforming to what’s expected, and always pushing beyond the tropes of punk music itself. | 10/12/2011
  • Back To Nature For the first time in years, Animal Collective returns home to Maryland | 7/6/2011

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